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Christmas movies are a great way to relax during this special time of the year. Which Christmas movies are worth watching? Familiarize yourself with our subjective TOP 10 ranking of films for the Christmas tree!

Christmas movies- every year we can find a lot of them in the TV program, a very rich offer is also available on the increasingly popular in Poland internet platforms, giving access to the immeasurable sea of ​​series and movies for a permanent monthly payment.

Every year we also complain that once again the same productions are available on TV, and yet in many cases we are happy to sit down to this "home alone" Kevin again. However, Christmas movies are not only two versions of Kevin ( although in our opinion they are really great - full of warmth and humor), "This is love", "Letters to M." and "Grinch. Christmas won't be".

That is why we recommend slightly less known productions that meet the criteria that we apply to Christmas films: they bring you a joyful mood, allow you to rest from the busy everyday life, have a good time with your family.

10. Elf

The main protagonist of the film is an adult Buddha who, as an infant, jumped into the sack of St. Nicholas and flew with him to the North Pole. Unfortunately, he has grown so much that he has surpassed all the elves, he felt that while he loved the place where he grew up, it was not his natural habitat and he had to leave it. He goes in search of his real father, which will not do him any good, because it turns out that he is the type who definitely does not feel the spirit of Christmas. Anyway, in New York hardly anyone feels it and does not believe in St. Nicholas. How, then, is Buddy's fate? Check it out for yourself!

9. Free Santa!

It does not start well - Mikołaj is wanted by the police, they will check the accident, and his reindeer have been taken from him, so he tries to recover them later, not entirely legally. Mikołaj decides to help Steve, who himself got out of prison not so long ago and the last thing he dreams about is to return to him. Steve's son, Tom, is much more involved in helping Mikołaj.

It is worth adding that the film was produced by Ridley Scott, and Santa Claus is played by Oscar winner Jim Broadbent.

8. Artur saves Christmas

This is an image that viewers and critics agreethey call one of the best family scenes of Christmas movies of recent years. It tells about three generations of the Mikołaj family - grandfather is retired, now Steve, his son, is responsible for delivering gifts. Unfortunately, it turns out that in the pre-Christmas rush, Steve forgot about one girl who was the only one who did not receive a gift. Then the youngest of the Mikołaj family - Artur - enters the action.

7. The Holiday

This is another Christmas hit and no wonder - it provides the necessary amount of warmth on a winter day. Its director is Nancy Meyers, the creator of such hits as "What Women Want", "Better Late Than Later", "Apprentice". The main characters of "The Holiday" are two women - one lives in London (Kate Winslet), the other in Los Angeles (Cameron Diaz). They change places of residence for holidays. It's worth seeing what will come of it!

6. A Very Murray Christmas

The film is available on the Netflix platform - as the title suggests, its main star is Bill Murray, but we will also see George Clooney and Miley Cyrus in the film. This Christmas picture was directed by Sofia Coppola herself, the creator of the famous "Lost in Translation" or "Marie Antoinette". The film is a kind of parody of Christmas productions, intended rather for adult viewers.

5. Company Star

This is another movie with an all-star cast: Jennifer Aniston, Kate McKinnon, Jason Bateman. As the title suggests, everything revolves around a corporate Christmas meeting that turns into a series of catastrophic events. The main characters are the boss of Aniston, who forbids organizing any Christmas parties, and her rebellious subordinate, and at the same time her brother - Bateman.

4. A Christmas Carol

Who does not know Dickens's "A Christmas Carol"? If you haven't read it yet, make up for it - the book is great to read, then you can watch one of the many adaptations, for example the one directed by Robert Zemeckis in 2009, starring Jim Carrey as Scrooge's miser.

3. On the way home

"This is Love" was a huge hit that inspired Christmas filmmakers from around the world to create a picture that tells a few Christmas stories, like in British production. "On the way home" is a Norwegian production - warm, smart, but also more nostalgic than the English hit.

2. Let's make love from Christmas

Apparently the best way to go with your family is in the photo, and when literally everyone goes to one placeplaces at the same time, disaster is almost ready. This was the case with the Coopers who decided - all four generations - to spend the holidays together. The cast includes many stars: Alan Arkin, John Goodman, Diane Keaton, Amanda Seyfried.

1. It's a great life

A film almost unknown in Poland, from … 1946. However, do not let this date scare you away - it is a wonderful and touching picture about the importance of life itself. The main character of "This wonderful life" is George, whose dream of disappearing is coming true. However, you have to be careful what we wish for ourselves … The film is accompanied by a warm Christmas scenery.

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