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About 15 years ago, while playing basketball, my right one broke, but the root remained. The dentist poisoned him and the effect was that I had a crown screwed into the root (supposedly already poisoned). After about 12 years, my nose was swollen and it went towards the eyes. I went to the doctor with this, and he sent me to the dentist right away. The dentist removed my root completely, and after a week he sanded the second one for a double crown. I wasn't too much in favor of it, but I found that if a specialist told me that this was the only solution, I agreed. Now something is starting to happen to me again and it hurts, probably in the root, because it hurts when I knock on the tooth from below and when I touch the area where the root is. I don't know what to do now because I'm broken and angry at the same time. Will he be able to somehow protect this root or that there will be no situation where I will (supposedly) have both polished twos, on which the lace is to be placed?

The general rule is that there is only one crown per tooth. There are two of the Lord's, which causes root overload. It's just that one root works for two. I advise you to consult a prosthodontist who will determine the condition of the remaining root and propose a treatment plan.

Remember that our expert's answer is informative and will not replace a visit to the doctor.

Agnieszka SiciƄska

dentist, medical director of EURODENTAL Dental Center

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