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Everyone gets cold in winter and the consequences can be unpleasant: runny nose, cough, colds. It is not always enough to dress warmly to avoid it. How to warm up after a long wait at the bus stop? Learn effective ways to warm up when you freeze.

Getting coldmakes you only dream about warming up as soon as possible. It is worth knowing and usingeffective ways to freeze , because blood circulates more vigorously through heated blood vessels and you will feel better immediately. At home, you can take baths, showers, make warming drinks, and once a week it is worth going to the sauna to not only stimulate circulation, but also to get rid of toxins from the body along with sweat.

Ways to freeze-up: baths

Take baths. Do not rush to warm up. A sudden change in temperature - which would happen if you were cold and immersed in hot water - can cause you to faint.

  • If you only have a shower at home, take some mascara - pour lukewarm water over your legs, arms, abdomen, chest and neck in turn. After about 3 minutes, start increasing the water temperature slowly. Once you are warmed up, gradually reduce the water temperature to a pleasantly lukewarm water.
  • If you feel like a warming bath, fill the bathtub with water at body temperature, add 10 drops of pine oil and 5 drops of lemon or orange to it. A warming up bath should last at least 10 minutes, but not longer than half an hour. When leaving the bathtub, do not rinse the skin with oil particles, but dry the skin lightly with a towel.

Ways to freeze-up: infusions and teas

Drink infusions and teas. Don't stop at drinking tea with lemon. It will take you very little longer to prepare the herbal infusion. Do not use mint, because even drunk hot has cooling properties. Infusions prepared from herbs such as: thyme, elderberry, linden flower or raspberry (you can brew herbs in sachets) are the most effective.

The fall-winter hit is a ginger drink (ginger warms you up, stimulates blood circulation): add a teaspoon of honey, the juice of half a lemon and a few slices of ginger root or half a teaspoon of powdered powder to a glass of hot water. Stir and drink warm.

Learn the recipe for warming uptea with ginger [TOWIDEO]

Ways to freeze-up: inhalations

Do inhalations. They rely on inhaling healing vapors. You can make them at home in several ways.

  • The easiest way is to pour 1-2 drops of the oil on a handkerchief and smell it often.
  • You can also gently sprinkle the oil on the pillow you sleep on.
  • Another method of inhalation is to pour 1-2 tablespoons of water and 10-20 drops of oil (or a mixture of several oils) into the aromatherapy fireplace. When the flame of the candle heats the dish, water and fragrances of the fragrance will evaporate and float in the air.
  • In the case of upper respiratory tract conditions, it is better to pour 4-10 drops of the oil (or a mixture of oils) into a bowl of hot water, and then lean over the dish, covering your head with a towel. The beneficial vapors need to be inhaled for about 10 minutes. Inhalations can be repeated every day.

Ways to freeze-up: sauna

Come to the sauna. The air warmed up to almost 100 degrees Celsius has a beneficial effect on the skin, muscles and respiratory tract. During a visit to the sauna, the temperature inside our body rises by 1-2 degrees C, while the temperature of the skin may rise up to 39-40 degrees C. Therefore, we start to sweat intensively. During a 20-minute treatment, we can lose from 0.2 to 1.2 l of sweat. Good sweating in the sauna gets rid of harmful metabolism substances from our body, and also improves blood circulation. Thanks to the regular use of the sauna, our immune system will work much better, so we will fight viruses and bacteria more effectively. It is not true, however, that a sauna "cures" flu and colds; it can only worsen the symptoms of the infection. Heating up and then cooling down the body makes our body harden.

  • You need about 40-60 minutes for the procedure. This is the time necessary to warm up and cool down three times.
  • We enter the sauna not hungry but also not eaten (preferably after an hour after the meal).
  • We enter the cabin for 8-12 minutes and sit on the lowest bench. After 2-3 minutes, pour water over the stones and lie down on a higher bench. We spend the last 2 minutes "on the ground floor", in a sitting position.
  • After leaving the cabin, cool down the body in a cool shower, starting the shower from the feet, direct the stream of water towards the heart and neck. Then we rest for 10-15 minutes on a sun lounger or walk around the rest room. The next entry to the cabin can be extended by 5-8 minutes.
  • After the entire procedure - we take a summer shower or bath to rinse off harmful substancesskin substances, lubricate the whole body with a moisturizing cream or lotion and rest for at least a quarter of an hour.
  • Immediately after visiting the sauna, the body's efficiency drops by 30-35 percent. Therefore, it should never be used before training or other large physical effort.

Oils for bathing and warming inhalations:

  • lemon or orange - stimulate,
  • eucalyptus - helps with infections of the upper respiratory tract,
  • geranium - disinfects, helps with flu and colds,
  • juniper - disinfects, calms,
  • lavender - disinfects, brings relief from insomnia and stress,
  • chamomile - soothes anxiety, disinfects,
  • pine - relaxes, soothes ailments of the respiratory tract,
  • thyme - facilitates breathing.

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