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Running abdominal pain more often catches adolescents than adults, but regardless of age, it is always troublesome. The causes of acute pain in the left underside have not been clearly explained so far. Can I Avoid Abdominal Pain When Running? What to do if you get colic abdominal pain while running?

Running stomach painmay discourage you from training. Usually it comes on suddenly and is so strong that it prevents you from continuing your run. What are thecauses of running abdominal pain ? What to do if you have colic abdominal pain while jogging?

Abdominal pain while running: causes

The causes of abdominal pain while running are not entirely clear. while running, especially shortly after eating, the mesentery (the fold of the peritoneum on the back wall of the abdomen on which the intestines hang) is stretched, which causes the intestinal smooth muscles to contract. This is what causes colic. The pain is located in the left hypochondrium because the contraction of the muscles pushes blood from the intestines into the spleen. It then increases in size, as a result of which the splenic capsule is painfully stretched. Specialists also suggest several explanations, linking abdominal pain while running with:

  • diaphragm
  • electrolyte rearrangement within the gut
  • with weak muscles that support the diaphragm
  • insufficient blood supply to the diaphragm
  • inappropriate diet
  • full digestive organs
  • drainage of blood to the stomach.

Can you avoid abdominal pain while running?

The primary way to avoid running abdominal pain is to wait long enough to start your meal after eating. how long? It is a very individual matter - some runners need an hour, others have to wait as much as three hours.
In addition, it is worth introducing exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles and diaphragm to your daily training, which will certainly reduce the occurrence of abdominal pain attacks while running.

Abdominal pain while running: what to do?

If you get a stomachache while running:

  • never sit or squat
  • slow down and work the diaphragm by pulling in and outbelly
  • slow down and put your right hand on your stomach right next to your ribs and press the pain area with your fingers
  • stop, take a breath and bend, exhale after a few seconds - do a few repetitions
  • stop, raise your right hand and lean to the side to the left, hold for a few seconds and repeat in the opposite direction

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