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I exercise 5-6 times a week, I am very active, I am 170 cm tall and weigh 56 kg. Unfortunately, after two pregnancies, the abdomen is still protruding. What workouts and how often should you do for a flat stomach?

In the case of women after two pregnancies, the process is always more difficult and time-consuming. The basis, as in any case, is the diet, please pay attention to whether it is properly balanced and whether any products do not cause a bloated belly. It is also important whether you gave birth naturally or had a caesarean section. Trainings must last several or even several months to regain shape after childbirth. It also depends on the degree of training before pregnancy.

Exercises for a flat stomach after natural childbirth

Postpartum exercise should be started after about 6 to 12 weeks. It all depends, of course, on your he alth and the pregnancy. In natural childbirth, after this period, you can calmly exercise to strengthen the transverse abdominal muscles. Pilates exercises will be of great help here. It is also worth doing exercises such as: vertical scissors, lifting the pelvis while lying on the back, and twists with dumbbells in the seat on a fitness ball.

Exercises for a flat stomach after a cesarean section

Since the muscles are severed during a cesarean delivery, they need more time to recover. For this reason, it is best to contact your doctor and physiotherapist before starting training. In this case, it is worth starting with exercising the Kegel muscles, by tightening and relaxing the perineum and vagina. Exercise intensity should be strengthened slowly and carefully. Initially, walks and visits to the pool are more advisable than sit-ups. When we are sure that the muscles have grown and we are allowed to exercise, you can start with the same exercises as in natural childbirth. However, it is always best to work with someone who has experience in working with women after pregnancy, because each organism is different. Each woman also recovers at different times. The mother's lifestyle before and during pregnancy also has a huge impact on the time to fully recover and form.

Remember that our expert's response is in natureinformative and will not replace a visit to the doctor.

Tomasz Piotrowski He is a certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist. He gained his knowledge from the best experts in the fitness industry in Poland. He has several years of experience working as a dietitian in a private facility in Krakow and experience in working as a personal trainer. He also writes expert articles on he alth, training and supplementation, and works in the supplement industry. He is passionate about fist fencing.

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