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I decided to lose a few kilos this year. I lead a sedentary lifestyle, i.e. to work and from work by car, 7 hours at work in front of a computer, and often an armchair and a TV set after returning home. So I signed up for a personal trainer right after the new year. He weighed me on a magical scale. The result is terrible, but I want to change it. Exercises twice a week. I started on the treadmill for about 15 minutes of walking, then an hour of strength training or circuit, and then again intervals on the treadmill, about 20 minutes. And that's how 3 months have passed. I was on the magic scale again. And what? And nothing. Literally… nothing. Not a kg less. The same weight of fat. Muscle mass may increase by 10 dkg. Of course, I got down. But I go on, because these exercises do me good for the psyche, but I meant losing kilos, not the psyche. Is such training twice a week not enough? Or should I try running or something like that? I would like to mention that apart from my age, which can make it difficult to lose weight, I am as he althy as a fish. I do not have a diseased thyroid gland, insulin resistance or other diseases that are blamed on obesity. And I definitely have it, because I weigh 80 kg with a height of 163 cm.

The first and most important step is to change your eating habits. You should have an individually determined diet that will help you burn fat. Please do not be scared - the word diet has a negative connotation - but it refers to the way we eat every day.

For starters, set aside all unhe althy foods such as sweets, fast food, processed foods, ready-to-eat groceries, coca cola and sodas, juices. Then, start eating 5 small meals a day and drink a minimum of 2 liters of water a day. Water promotes weight loss. The next step is to get off the couch. Apart from training, please start going for walks, spring has finally come. This is for starters. Then start looking more and more at your nutrition, it accounts for about 70% of the success. Your trainer will surely help you with this. It is also worth talking to the trainer about the form of personal training. I recommend that you ask about training with kettlebells. The last important thing is patience! In addition to the weight, please also measure the circumference of the body. It very often happens that centimeters run away, andthe weight is standing. Best regards and good luck!

Remember that our expert's answer is informative and will not replace a visit to the doctor.

Tomasz Piotrowski He is a certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist. He gained his knowledge from the best experts in the fitness industry in Poland. He has several years of experience working as a dietitian in a private facility in Krakow and experience in working as a personal trainer. He also writes expert articles on he alth, training and supplementation, and works in the supplement industry. He is passionate about fist fencing.

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