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I'm 15 years old. I am a tall girl (172cm), I have a protruding belly. On this website I read that I should eat every 4 hours and drink still water. I would like to lose weight quite quickly (at least 5 kg). What exercises should I do and for how much time a day?

First of all, losing weight quickly means often returning to your previous weight even faster or putting on even more weight. Rushing to lose weight is the worst possible option. Gaining weight may mean that you are putting more calories into your body than you are burning through exercise or exercise. So analyze your diet (how often you eat and what is the basis of your menu, needless to say that sweets and fast food are the worst option) and how much time you spend on exercise every hour, i.e. playing football, swimming, dancing, etc. The only way to maintain a proportional figure there is movement, movement, movement and more movement. So I suggest you not to think too much about losing weight, but rather about what and in what amounts you eat and sign up for organized activities, such as, for example, a dance course, martial arts, swimming, aerobics or more jogging, cycling, rollerblading, etc.

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Joanna Barcikowska

Graduate of the University of Physical Education in Gdańsk, instructor of physical recreation, pilates and pilates reformer, trainer of the Warsaw Sports Academy and Thera-Band Academy, co-author of ReebokBalancePilates and Reebok Spine programs. Author of many articles on fitness, participant of television programs and promoter of pro-he alth forms of fitness.

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