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Hello! I look for exercises in water everywhere, because I go to the swimming pool twice a week and I want to use my time for exercise in addition to swimming. Will you help me? Yours sincerely, Ira

Exercises in the water are recommended not only to people who want to lose weight, but also to all those who want to diversify their training at the pool. My suggestion consists of a few exercises: Exercise 1 Running in place Raise the right leg, then the left leg, alternating the work of hands and high lifting of the knees. We can do the same by moving back and forth. Exercise 2 Clowns Jump from the position of the feet hip-width apart to the stride. The legs are slightly bent at the knees, and the arms are moved from the front to the side. Exercise 3 Raising the straightened legs to the side With the arms extended to the side, swing the straightened right and then the left leg to the side. Exercise 4 Scooping up water Standing in your legs with your arms parallel and fingers clasped together, scoop up water from one side to the other. Exercise 5 Jumping While standing slightly apart, jump from side to side, moving the arms to the side as well. You can do the same exercise by jumping back and forth. Exercise 6 Backward Kicks While standing on one leg, lift the other leg bent at the knee and perform a backward kick by tilting the torso forward. Exercise 7 - Reel Standing slightly apart, place the arms parallelly bent at right angles at the elbows. With clenched hands, we make a vigorous reel, spinning forearms forward and then backward. Exercise 8 Extend your legs forward While standing on one leg, lift the other leg, bent at the knee, to the height of the hips in front of you. Keep the arms straight to the side and perform a vigorous extension of the lower leg forward. We remember to change the leg. Exercise 9 Lunges Standing slightly apart and keeping your arms to the side, jump up, bending your legs at the knees. Exercise 10 Side Kicks Standing on one leg with your arms out to your side, lift the other leg to the side by kicking the leg by extending the lower leg. We remember to change the leg.

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Joanna Barcikowska

Graduate of the University of Physical Education in Gdańsk, instructor of physical recreation, pilates and pilates reformer, trainer of the Warsaw Sports Academy and Thera-Band Academy,co-author of ReebokBalancePilates and Reebok Spine programs. Author of many articles on fitness, participant of television programs and promoter of pro-he alth forms of fitness.

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