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Hello. I've been training for over a year at home and with quite decent results. I am 18 years old, 166 tall and weighing 53-54 kg (at around 5% BF). What to do to narrow the waist to approx. 67 by 72 cm?

The V-shaped figure is not only influenced by the waist circumference. Correct body proportions as well as the circumference of the chest, hips and shoulder width are of great importance. If your BF is only 5%, it will probably be difficult for you to reduce your waist circumference by another 5 cm, as you probably do not have a large amount of subcutaneous fat in the abdominal area. You can, of course, lower your body fat, but it will already put your he alth at risk. Therefore, I suggest you another solution that will visually help you achieve your dream figure. Work more on the muscles of the chest, shoulder girdle, and especially the back muscles (lats and round muscles). Classic exercises such as push-ups or chin-ups will help you with this. If you increase the circumference in the upper body, visually, the waistline will become more visible and you will achieve the desired effect. If you have a bench and a barbell at home, your task is even easier. You can exercise with a higher load and develop muscle mass faster. All types of barbell rowing can be helpful, as you will strongly engage the latissimus and arm muscles. However, pay great attention to the exercise technique, because it is very easy to get injured in the back muscles or tear the muscles that stabilize the shoulder joint. However, if you undertake work on reducing your waist circumference, abdominal exercises will help you. In particular, work on the rectus abdominis and the transverse abdominals, which will keep your stomach flat and your spine well protected. Watch out for exercises to strengthen the oblique abdominals. In many cases, these muscles develop a lot and you may find that instead of losing yourself, you may gain a few centimeters around your waist.

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Michał Janik

A graduate of the Warsaw University of Physical Education - he graduated from the specialization of Sport Manager, Instructor of Movement Recruitment - Fitness specialization and Sport Instructor with the specializationBodybuilding. He has been working in the fitness industry for over ten years. During this period, he gained experience in many Warsaw clubs by conducting aerobics classes and personal training. Currently, it inspires club members to a he althy lifestyle in the network of Holmes Place clubs and raises the qualifications of personal trainers.
Hobbies: dietetics, psychology, skiing, volleyball, tennis, squash, running

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