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I am 47 years old, I would like my thighs and hips to be slim. But how to do it? I pedal on an exercise bike, but I'm afraid my thighs will be even thicker!

In your case, regular training is very important. I recommend 3 to 4 sessions a week. Each session should last between 45 and 60 minutes. It's best to combine your strengthening training with aerobic training, which in your case might be riding a stationary bike. The goal of aerobic training is to increase your heart rate and use more calories to nourish your muscles during prolonged exercise. The purpose of strengthening training is to stimulate more muscle fibers and increase muscle tone, thanks to which our body becomes firm.
Each training session should begin with a 5 to 7 minutes warm-up. In this part, we prepare the body for proper work and prevent possible injuries. The pace should be moderate - allowing you to breathe freely. Then we begin the main part of the training, where we focus on performing a few exercises modeling the lower and upper body parts. These can be classic squats, lunges forwards or backwards, exercises for the adductors and abduction muscles in the hip joint, plus exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles. This part should take 15 to 20 minutes. Finally, we do aerobic training again (cycling, brisk walking, etc.), this part should last about 30 minutes if possible. Moderate pace, intense enough to feel the muscles working. We spend the last 5 minutes on stretching, which will partially prevent pain and accelerate the regeneration of the body after training. In order to diversify your training, please go to the swimming pool from time to time or take part in aqua aerobics classes. The water sensational shapes the figure and relaxes the muscles and joints of our body tired with training. Please do not be afraid of increasing the circuits. Building muscle mass is a very difficult process and requires a specialized training program and in many cases appropriate diet and supplementation. During the first weeks, your body may be holding onto water, and people often feel their muscles are growing. However, this is a temporary reaction of the body and after a few training sessions the body learns how to properly store and use itwater supplies.
Additionally, please remember about a he althy, balanced diet and provide plenty of fluids. The combination of training and proper nutrition will guarantee you that you will achieve your goal much faster. I wish you perseverance and a lot of motivation.

Remember that our expert's answer is informative and will not replace a visit to the doctor.

Michał Janik

A graduate of the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw - he graduated from the specialization of Sport Manager, Instructor of Movement Recruitment - Fitness specialization and Sports Instructor with specialization in Bodybuilding. He has been working in the fitness industry for over ten years. During this period, he gained experience in many Warsaw clubs by conducting aerobics classes and personal training. Currently, it inspires club members to a he althy lifestyle in the network of Holmes Place clubs and raises the qualifications of personal trainers.
Hobbies: dietetics, psychology, skiing, volleyball, tennis, squash, running

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