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Workouts in an outdoor gym bring more benefits than those performed in a closed room. By exercising in an outdoor gym, you will burn calories faster and improve your condition. Check which devices to exercise particular parts of the body on and learn about other advantages of outdoor gyms!

Exercises at theoutdoor gymperfectly improve blood circulation, motor coordination and physical condition. By performing the exercises in accordance with the instructions of individual machines, you will certainly strengthen the muscles of the whole body.

How to exercise in an outdoor gym?

The outdoor gym equipment is intended for children, adults and seniors, beginners and advanced athletes. Instructions for the proper use of the equipment (they should be on each machine) are a facilitation for beginners.

  • Elliptical -activates the movement of the hips, shoulders, arms and legs.
  • Runner -strengthens the muscles and joints of the legs, activates hip movement, increases the mobility of the knee and hip joints and improves the sense of body balance. Runner reduces body fat.
  • Pendulum -builds muscles and strengthens motor coordination. It activates the muscles of the hips and hip joints, and strengthens the abdominal and back muscles.
  • Twister -improves motor coordination. It activates the hip joints, strengthens the abdominal muscles and strengthens the lumbar spine.
  • The upper lift -builds and strengthens the muscles of the shoulders, arms and upper back. Especially recommended for people with back pain.
  • The rowing machine -strengthens the muscles in the legs, arms and upper back.
  • Spine extensor -strengthens the lateral and medial muscles, biceps muscles of the thighs and buttocks.
  • Ladder -strengthens the muscles of the back, shoulders and biceps.
  • Butterfly -strengthens the muscles of the arms, back and back. It helps in maintaining the correct body posture.
  • Bicycle- strengthens the muscles of the legs and lower body parts, improves the mobility of the joints of the lower limbs, motor coordination and general condition. It is especially recommended for elderly people who cannot actively practice driving onby bike.
  • Handrails- strengthen the muscles of the arms and abdomen, improve the muscular condition of the back, activate all muscle groups depending on the type of exercise.
  • Tai-chi wheels -strengthen the muscles of the legs and lower body, improve the mobility of the joints of the lower limbs, motor coordination and general condition. The wheels are especially recommended for elderly people who cannot actively cycle.
  • Roller -develops motor coordination, especially the sense of balance.
  • Stepper -strengthens the muscles of the legs and buttocks and improves the body's efficiency.

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Outdoor gym - training plan for beginners

At an outdoor gym, you can perform a full-body training, which is an ideal solution for beginners who want to gradually get used to the effort. The plan below is about 25 minutes of exercise, including a warm-up.

Warm-up:5 minutes on the elliptical cross trainer

ToolDuration / number of repetitionsEffects of the exercise
1.Runner5 minutesstrengthens the muscles of the legs and buttocks, improves the condition
2.Pendulum3 minutesactivates the lumbar spine, relaxes it, strengthens the oblique abdominal muscles
3.Twister3 minuteshelps to shape the waist, strengthens the stomach
4.Bench press or top pull12 repetitionsdevelops the muscles of the chest, shoulder girdle and arms
5.Pull-ups3 - 10 pullupschin-up on the bar strengthens the arms, and over-the-grip - back muscles
6.Rowing machine5 minutesengages the muscles of the whole body to work, improves efficiency

Remember to stretch your muscles after training. At most outdoor gyms, you can find special stretching bars that support your leg and make a deep bend with the touch of your feet. The handrails of the twister are also suitable for this purpose.

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Advantages of using outdoor gyms

1.Outdoor gymsare free and available to everyone.

2. You need to know that even a small amount of physical effort has a positive effect on better he alth andimproving the cardiovascular system.

3. By using the gym, you can strengthen your physical condition and immunity as well as improve motor coordination.

4. Research has shown thatoutdoor exercisehas more benefits than inside a closed room. A better oxygenated body is more resistant and reduces body fat faster.

5. Strength training outdoors reduces stress. It is influenced by the presence of the green color, which calms and soothes the nerves.

6. Well doneexercises in an outdoor gymcan take the form ofrehabilitation . Exercises on the upper lift help with back pain, the twister will strengthen the condition, and the butterfly can improve the correct body posture. Elderly people who cannot play sports can improve the condition of their joints, muscles and the whole body by exercising in outdoor gyms.

7. The gyms next to the playgrounds are not set up by chance! They are to encourage parents to move. When children are engrossed in playing, adults can take care of their figure instead of sitting on a bench.

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