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This time we suggest a trip for at least the weekend. This is how much it should take us to visit one of the most beautiful towns in Poland - Kazimierz Dolny.

Its beautyKazimierz Dolnyowes its location first of all. In the middle of the once very busy trade route from Małopolska to the B altic Sea, Kazimierz was a real refuge for various types of merchants. As trade flourished and the people grew richer, the city also grew richer. Today, the legacy of the 17th "golden" century aremonuments : beautiful tenement houses, charming cobbled streets, picturesque granaries, castle ruins and beautiful landscapes that attract people like a magnet. You can really walk the whole town in one day, but why be in such a hurry?

Suggested tours around Kazimierz Dolny

Sightseeingcities - route length: 2.7 km. I suggest starting the route in the central point of the town, i.e. in the market square. It is also the liveliest and most beautiful place in the whole of Kazimierz. It is here that the famous Przybyłowski Tenement Houses “Pod Świętym Mikołaj” and “Pod Świętym Krzysztof” are located, named after their founders and first owners, distinguished by richly decorated attics. On the market square it is also worth stopping in front of the Gdańsk tenement house and the Goldsmith Art Museum. Later, we set off towards the parish church of St. John the Baptist and St. Bartholomew. There are one of the oldest organs in Poland, dating back to the 17th century. They are still playing! When we take a closer look at the late-Renaissance finish of the entire church, we will probably be enchanted by the magic of mannerist decorations. Next, we will visit the Kazimierz castle and the tower. Here, from above, we have the opportunity to admire the view of the entire area. I guarantee that no one will regret climbing the steep stairs. Then, passing through Góra Krzyżowa, we return to the city. Zamkowa, and then Crooked Circle we reach Lubelska Street, from where we are just a few steps away from the old synagogue in Mały Rynek, which was once the center of Jewish life in the city. Then we follow the bridge over Grodara towards ul. Nadrzeczna and ul. Rectory. There rises a bit deeper the beautiful villa of the Ulanowski family "Wanda" from 1905. Further along Nadrzeczna and Klasztorna streets we reach the winding stairs from 1699 leading to the church and monasteryo. o. Reformers. It is worth seeing a copperplate from 1594 depicting the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary and take a look at the courtyard. The next item on the agenda is Senatorska Street, which with the Górski, Celejoska and Biała tenement houses and the building of the former city bath house enchants with the we alth of architectural details. At this point, I would suggest ending your walk around the city and taking a well-deserved rest in one of the countless cafes and restaurants.

Trip to the granaries - length of the route: 5 km. We are starting from the market. Zamkowa Street, and then ul. The mountains, following the red walking trail all the time, we reach the “Norowy Dół” ravine. Before that, I encourage you to turn to ul. Filter, which ends with a viewpoint. At the mouth of the ravine there is a remnant of the "Twin" granary. If we want to extend the walk for a while, we can turn right and see the next ones: "Pod Wianuszkami" Granary, "Gwoździarnia" and "Pod Żurawiem". We normally turn left, following the walking trail, and head towards the city. We pass Feuerstein's Granary and the oldest surviving - Mikołaj Przybyła's Granary from the 17th century, as well as several historic manors. We are finishing on the market.

Walk to Kuncewiczówka - 5.5 km. Start from the market, of course. We follow the yellow walking trail towards Grodarz and the Michalak's house from the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries. There, at will, we can either eat something or visit an art gallery. The yellow trail leads us to ul. Małachowski. This one rises along the bottom of the ravine to the Creative Work House and the beautiful villa "Pod Wiewiórką" - Kuncewiczówka. After we enjoy our eyes, we move on along the ravine, passing the commemorative plaque dedicated to Lt. Juliusz Małachowski. Then turn left with the trail and go out to ul. Blackish. We turn left for a moment to walk about 300 meters to see a monument commemorating the fate of the Jews of Kazimierz. We return to the moment of leaving the ravine and continue along the yellow trail. We pass the "Zajazd Piastowski" and "Koszarka", as well as the cemetery of Soviet soldiers. Then turn left again to Łysa Góra and go down the ravine to the "Arkadia" holiday home.

Walk to the Albrechtówka street - 6 km. Start Market. We choose the blue hiking trail towards Grodarz, ul. Krakowska, where there are the most beautiful villas and houses in the city. We pass, inter alia, the former presbytery from Karczmiska, from the second half of the 18th century, a roadside chapel of St. John of Nepomuk from the 19th century, as well as the Potworowski villa, the ruins of the English Factory, the Zakopiańska villa, and the "Murka" villa. The last building on this street will be the Kobiałki Granary. So we turn right together with the trail and walk along the bank of the Vistula to the quarry. Continue up the roadto the hill called Albrechtówka from the name of its owner before World War I, Eng. Albrycht. We pass his house and the Albrechtówkę Holiday House and continue along the blue trail, next to the Klarner family's villa, to Męćmierz. It is here that there is the most beautiful viewpoint in the area from where you can see the panorama of the Vistula valley. Mecmierz itself is a living open-air museum from centuries ago. The Koźlak windmill towers over the entire village. I suggest staying in Męćmierz for some time, if only to eat dinner! There is no more charming place in the area! We return to Kazimierz by road through the forest. On the left side, at the height of Albrechkava, there is a green walking trail. Then we go along with him to the end. On the way, we still have the opportunity to see a magnificent huge oak, ravine and a beautifully situated cemetery.

Walk to the Spicy Pit - 6 km. We set off from the Market Square along the red tourist trail. We walk all the time along the slope of the picturesque valley of Grodarz, passing the villa of Krwawicz, the villa of Berens, "Słoneczna" and the historic cottage of Niezabitkowskis, we reach the "Korzenny Dół" ravine - deep canyon, one of the most beautiful in Poland. Its high, vertical loess walls are topped like a roof with a tangle of huge roots from the surrounding trees. All this adds up to the almost fairy-tale atmosphere of this place. The ravine itself is about 500 m. Later, we go out onto the road and turn left near the cross. We come to the blue tourist trail and with it we return to Kazimierz to the Market Square.

Kazimierz Dolny by bike and horse-drawn carriage

  • Horse-drawn carriage ride: the price depends on the length of the route and ranges from 30 to 100 PLN
    Horse taxi: at Mały Rynek, tel. 0 606 511 757, 882 02 89
  • Gondola harbor, next to the "Dziunia" ship, ul. Nadwiślańska, tel. 0 603 635 746 or 0 607 323 284
  • Ferry crossing on Kwaskowa Góra: open from 7 to 19, tel. 0 604 873 557; tickets: children and adolescents PLN 4, adults PLN 6, car PLN 10
  • Bicycle and scooter rental. Prices: bikes - PLN 4 / hour PLN 30 / day, scooters - PLN 30 / hour ul. Nadrzeczna 48 phone: 0 607 854 104
  • Off-road car rides around Kazimierz (stop by a pharmacy on the market square), three routes to choose from, duration: 30 minutes, 40 minutes and 1.2 hours, price - PLN 10.12 and PLN 25 per person, respectively . Group journeys - PLN 100 per hour per car
  • Canoeing trips ("Bobik" company). Rafting along the Chodelka (minimum 6 people). Route: Mill in Szczekarków - Podgórze Bridge (also other available). Guarantee of transport of people and equipment. Price: PLN 50 for 1 kayak
  • Four-wheelers - quads ("Bobik" company). Driving on a specially prepared off-road track. PricePLN 120 / hour for one quad
  • Bike tours. Possible guide service. Price: PLN 4 / hour for 1 bike - ul. Rynek, tel. 081 882 85 15, 0 692 489 940

Getting to Kazimierz

It's definitely best (apart from the "own car" version) to get here by bus. Two lines of the Polish Express run every day: at 7 and 15 depart from the airport in Okęcie (terminal I, arrivals level), while at 7:30 and 15:30 they are on Jana Pawła II Street (between the railway station and the Holiday Inn hotel). The journey takes about 3 hours.
If we want to go by car, we have to reckon with difficulties in parking and high fees (about PLN 8 per day).

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