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Is it a good idea to start running at 55? I see more and more jogging magazines, jogging tips, but I have a lot of doubts about my age. And how to motivate yourself not to get bored of running fast?

It's never too late to run, but of course the sooner the better. I know a lot of people who even started running in their 50s or 60s. They feel great as if they are 10 years younger, they are satisfied with the improvement in their quality of life. At the beginning, it is worth consulting a doctor to make sure that we will not hurt ourselves with intense physical exertion. In order to be motivated (willing) to take any action, you must have a clear overarching goal. We will only want to achieve the goal when it presents some value that is important to us and that it is worth striving for, e.g. improving he alth. When we see the achievement of the goal as our success, we will agree to do even hard work that will lead us to achieve it. In order for our motivation to stay high all the time, we need to set goals in stages. When progress is visible, the motivation to keep working increases, we just believe that we can actually achieve success. You need to look for inspiration for running everywhere and constantly. Mass media, reports from sports competitions, profiles of sports heroes, not necessarily winners, but veterans or people with disabilities, provide us the most. The willingness to run strengthens the company of friends and acquaintances - it is worth walking long distances together. Also, a beautiful, varied running route has a mobilizing effect on the psyche.

Remember that our expert's answer is informative and will not replace a visit to the doctor.

Paweł F. Nowak

Expert in physical activity (aerobics instructor, swimming, athletics trainer), marathon runner, author of the books "Running - a way to a he althy life" and "Women's he alth training in the context of modern lifestyle".

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