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I am interested in the operation of the neoprene belt, which is worn around the waist during exercise and causes an increase in body temperature in this place. To what extent is it true that it also contributes to faster fat burning in this place?

I wouldn't count on the amazing effects of the neoprene belt. Of course, it increases body temperature, increases metabolism, and protects internal organs, e.g. kidneys, while cycling or skiing. The effects can be visible and encourage its use, but remember that by excessive sweating, we lose not so much fat as water. With sweat, we also lose important minerals and vitamins that need to be replenished.

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Paweł F. Nowak

Expert in physical activity (aerobics instructor, swimming, athletics trainer), marathon runner, author of the books "Running - a way to a he althy life" and "Women's he alth training in the context of modern lifestyle".

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