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Please give me some effective exercises for shapely legs, especially calves …

Running, marching, hiking in the mountains. When it comes to exercises at home: toe climbs (you should stand on hard ground, holding onto the wall, perform rhythmic toe climbs, lifting your body upwards at the beginning 4 sets of 10 climbs, then increasing the climbs up to 30 times). More advanced version: climbs by lifting the body on one leg only - the foot rests with the metatarsal on the edge of the step so that the heel is below the toes. Advanced version: intense jumps on soft ground without stopping (you can use a skipping rope). Exercises should be performed without shoes, preceded by a short warm-up (increasing the temperature of the muscles) and stretching. At the end of the exercise, you should also gently stretch your working muscles.

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Paweł F. Nowak

Expert in physical activity (aerobics instructor, swimming, athletics trainer), marathon runner, author of the books "Running - a way to a he althy life" and "Women's he alth training in the context of modern lifestyle".

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