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I'm basically thin, if not for my stomach - it's just saggy. Many times I thought about signing up for some exercises. I do 50 sit-ups every evening and it doesn't work. Maybe I should sign up for some exercises or do them at home?

Mirello, I guess when you talked about a "sagging" tummy, you meant probably accumulated fat in this place. The "crunches" you do every day strengthen the muscles, but do not reduce the amount of fat under the skin. If you have the option to sign up for an in-room aerobics class, I think it's a great idea. Classes such as: hi-lo aerobics, fatburning or tbc help burn accumulated fat, improve muscle tone and the appearance of the skin. Moreover, they are much more interesting than the traditional exercises we do at home. By doing them under the supervision of a trainer, we can be sure that they are he althy and effective for us.

Remember that our expert's answer is informative and will not replace a visit to the doctor.

Joanna Barcikowska

Graduate of the University of Physical Education in Gdańsk, instructor of physical recreation, pilates and pilates reformer, trainer of the Warsaw Sports Academy and Thera-Band Academy, co-author of ReebokBalancePilates and Reebok Spine programs. Author of many articles on fitness, participant of television programs and promoter of pro-he alth forms of fitness.

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