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Ballet exercises evoke associations with almost backbreaking work or with classes intended for little girls who dream of being a prima ballerina. In recent years, however, this approach has changed: ballet exercises for adults are offered by an increasing number of dance schools and even fitness clubs, because they not only give graceful movements, but also slim the figure and shape the muscles. Learn some examples of ballet exercises that will help you get slim thighs, arms and stomach.

Contrary to the stereotype,ballet exercisescan be performed not only by little girls who want to become ballerinas, but also by adult women and even men. This type of exercise strengthens and slims the entire body. They also teach how to keep an upright figure, which has a positive effect on the spine (they strengthen the deep muscles, i.e. the pelvic floor and paraspinal muscles).

Thanks to exercises taken from ballet, our body, especially its lower parts, becomes more flexible, firmer and stronger. It is worth doing them at least 3 times a week, and even more often - up to 5 times a week.

What should ballet training look like?

As with any properly constructed training, ballet exercises begin with a warm-up - most often these are general development exercises using your body weight. Next, ballet students practice basic leg positions with the stick and then start stretching exercises, also without the help of a stick.

Ballet exercises are isometric exercises that involve contracting and relaxing muscles without changing their length. As a result, the muscles become both stretched and stronger, not just longer.

Finally, the choreography is presented. In the case of ballet exercises in dance schools for adults, the latter part of training does not always appear, what's more - some of the activities can also be performed at home (but always after warming up).

Below you will find examples of ballet exercises that will stretch and slim your figure in the thighs, abdomen, arms and legs.

Ballet exercises for slender thighs​​

Exercise 1. Przysiad plié

Stand upright, inshoulder width apart. Point your toes outwards, your arms should hang freely along your body. Do a squat and work your way down until your thighs are parallel to the ground. As you lower your torso, lift your arms up and keep them above your head. Hold this position for a few seconds and then return to the starting position - slowly rise and place your arms along your body. Repeat the exercise 5 times in 3 series.

Exercise 2. Stretching the thighs​​

Sit on the mat, bend your legs at the knees and place the joined feet at the level of the crotch. Place your hands on your knees and press them on your legs for 5 seconds, trying to bring them closer to the ground. On the other hand, try to counteract it with your legs and direct them upwards. As you breathe out, relax your leg muscles but keep pressing on them with your hands. Repeat the exercise 5 times in 3 series.

Exercise 3. Springing

First, sit upright and then lean forward with your hands on a table top or chair. The lowered torso should form a right angle with the legs. Then lift your right leg as high as possible - straighten it and point your pinched toes upwards. Make gentle up and down movements with your foot - the movements should have a small range of several centimeters, they should not be sweeping. Hold this position as long as possible and then change the leg. Do the exercise in 2 series, 3 times with each leg.

Worth knowing

A great example that not only young and very slim girls can train ballet is Misty Copeland. She first trained basketball, entered the ballet hall only at the age of 13, and by the age of 19 she was already a member of the American Ballet Theater. Although she is taller and has a larger bust, bottom and hips than most of her friends, in 2015 she became the first black ballerina ballerina in the history of the American Ballet Theater, and "Time" magazine named her one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

Ballet exercises for a flat stomach

Exercise 1. Deep Abdominal Ball Exercise

You will need a gym ball for this exercise. Lie flat on your back on the mat and place your legs on the ball - the exact position is by placing the ball under your ankles. Then lift your buttocks up and draw in your stomach. While staying in this position, bend one leg at the knee and touch the other leg with your foot (more specifically with pinched toes). Hold this position for a while, then come back to the starting position and repeat the exercise with the other leg. Do 10 repetitions with each leg.

Ballet exercises for adults are also performed by men, but they focus on strength-strengthening exercises with the bar.

Exercise 2. Ballerina Crunches

Lie on your back, arms wide to the sides, legs bend slightly at the knees. Then, pull your stomach in and lift your upper body, and lift your arms above your head - form a "frame" above your head. Then slowly return to the starting position, making sure to keep your abdominal muscles tight all the time. Repeat the exercise 15 times.

Exercise 3. Stretch crunches

Take a plank position, but instead of a mat, rest your hands on the seat of the chair. Keep your feet together, arms extended. Contract your abdominal muscles, bend your left leg, and bring the bent knee towards your chest. Bend your head slightly and try to bring your nose closer to your knee. Then come back to the starting position and repeat the exercise with your right leg. Do 8 repetitions on each leg, over 2 series.

Also see the ballet stretching exercises presented by Kathryn Morgan, one of the most popular ballet youtubers:

Ballet exercises for slender shoulders

Exercise 1. Ripple

Stand slightly apart, with your knees slightly bent. Extend your arms and then spread them out to the sides, keeping your hips still and tensing your abs. Then start making an alternating up and down motion - wave-like - with one arm, then do the same with the other arm, and finally with both arms at the same time. The movement of each arm should last 30 seconds, repeat the exercise 5 times for each arm and wave with the left and right arm at the same time.

Exercise 2. Ballet pumps

Assume a back support position, buttocks slightly down and fingers pointing forward. Bend your elbows back and simultaneously lower your hips to the floor without sitting on the floor. Then simultaneously lift your hips up and straighten your arms. Remember not to tense your buttocks and work only with the muscles of your hands. Repeat the exercise 3 times in 3 series.

Exercise 3. Arm Swings

Take a standing position shoulder-width apart, straighten both arms and spread out to the sides. First, make smooth swings with both hands forward, then backward - make 25 swings each way without straining either your shoulders or your neck.

Ballet exercises for slim legs

Exercise 1. Pulling the knee to the chest

Lie on your back withwith your legs straightened, then bend one at the knee and pull it towards your stomach. Straighten it up and grab it under the knee and heel. At the same time, use your arms to pull your leg towards you as much as possible (let your leg muscles resist). Hold this position for a few seconds and on the exhale, relax your leg, but all the time try to bring it closer to you with your hands. Come back to the starting position. Repeat the exercise 3 times in 3 series.

Ballet exercises should be performed to the accompaniment of classical music.

Exercise 2. Side Stretch

Lie on your side, placing your legs straightened with your feet tucked in line with your body. Bend your leg at the knee and grab the foot. Then slowly straighten your leg while holding your foot. Hold this position for half a minute, then take a 5-second break. Repeat the exercise 5 times in 2 series, and then do the exercise with the other leg.

Exercise 3. Stretching while kneeling

Kneel on both knees, lunge forward with one leg, bending your knee at right angles. Grab the foot of the other leg - the one on which you are kneeling - with the opposite hand and try to pull it towards your buttock. Hold this position for 30 seconds, take a few seconds' break and repeat the exercise 5 times in 2 series, then do the same with the other leg.

See also exercises for a slim waist!

This will be useful to you

Ballet exercises for a slender figure: what do you need to remember?

  • Always warm up before stretching.
  • When exercising, remember to breathe - it will give you adequate oxygen and tone your muscles - do all the deepening while exhaling.
  • If you feel pain while doing an exercise, reduce the intensity of the exercise.
  • Try to do the exercise so that you can feel your muscles tense - but don't make it hurt!
  • Be patient and do not try to force yourself to do too difficult exercises - such attempts may end up breaking a muscle.

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