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What exercises should you choose when you have an apple figure? Apple-shaped women tend to gain weight around the belly, back and arms, so pay special attention to regular exercise and a balanced diet. It is worth focusing on interval training and strength training. Check how to lose weight from the problematic area of ​​the apple figure and learn how to compensate for the disproportions of the figure.

What is an apple figure?

The figure of an apple is such a structure of the figure in which the greatest obesity concerns the abdomen and its surroundings. In people with an apple figure, fat also accumulates in the circumference of the chest, and in women, large breasts can be observed. The greatest amount of fat "in the apple" is also in the area of ​​the shoulder blades, shoulders and neck. The troublesome areas in which the "apple" is excessively fat are disproportionate to the delicate and slim wrists and ankles.

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When it comes to the skeletal structure of the figure, people with an apple figure are characterized by slender legs and narrow hips, and their waist is not very visible because it often forms almost one line with the hips. Apples, however, have large, substantial breasts.

People with an apple figure have high levels of androgen, a male hormone that affects the so-called "Masculine silhouette" and makes adipose tissue more readily located around the internal organs and forms the so-called visceral fat. They also accumulate fat on the waist, back and breasts.

Due to their physiognomy and genetics, people with an apple figure are exposed to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancers mainly affecting the abdominal cavity. What's more, "apples" also have elevated levels of cortisol - the stress hormone, which further contributes to slower metabolism and problems with losing weight. However, with regularity and self-denial, people with an apple figure can quickly lose unnecessary kilograms and compensate for disproportions in the figure. What kind of training will be the best for people with an apple figure?

What kind of training for the apple figure?

In order to get rid of excess fat from the problematic area for apples, these people should perform high-intensity anaerobic training alternating with strength training with light weight and plenty ofrepetitions.

For the apple figure, the best will be interval training, tabata training or HIIT training, which are characterized by a variable training pace. Such a system is the best for boosting your metabolism and losing excess kilos. It also takes much less time (4 to 20 minutes) than the popular cardio, which is much less efficient than intervals.

The figure of an apple also requires you to compensate for body disproportions, and this can be achieved thanks to strength training that sculpts the figure. Training based on low weights and a large number of repetitions will perfectly stimulate fat tissue to reduce and muscles to grow. If a person with an apple figure wants to enlarge their buttocks and increase the strength of their thighs, they can successfully choose a typical strength training with heavy weights.

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What exercises will help the apple lose weight around the abdomen, back and arms?

Any exercise involving the abdominal muscles and the upper body will be suitable for an apple figure. To increase the intensity of typical strength exercises, it is worth adding aerobic exercise to them, which multiplies energy expenditure.

1. PlanksPlank is a universal exercise that not only perfectly copes with burning excess fat, but also perfectly strengthens the muscles of the body. It affects the so-called the corset of our body, i.e. abdominal muscles, spine muscles and deep hip muscles. To make the board more demanding, you can add to it swinging your legs backwards or swinging your hips sideways.

2. BurpeesBurpees is one of the best aerobic exercises. Jumping up and going down to a push-up or plank makes our body work at increased speed! Burpess not only perfectly burns excess fat from the abdominal area, but also shapes our figure, especially in the upper parts of the body: the chest, arms and back.

3. Jumping and jumpingJumping and jumping in apple training is a must! They can be in the form of jumping rope, jumping jacks or jumping jacks in place. They can be added to lunges or squats to create aerobic combinations of these exercises. Jumping from foot to foot or in the form of scissors will also be a great training stimulus, and an interesting diversification to your training.

4. RowingRowing is another onean exercise an apple cannot live without. Rowing is one of the best exercises for sagging shoulders, back, and the sides that form at the back of your body. They can be performed with a barbell or regular dumbbells.

5. Arm Swings and PressingIf an apple-shaped person has drooping arms, he must implement upper body exercises in his training. Various types of arm swings with a load and bench press will work best. The exercises that the apple should be doing are sideways swinging, bending forward and backward, and the overhead bench press. Bench bench press in front of the chest will also be a good exercise. Not only will it help to tone sagging skin and burn excess fat, it will also help to strengthen your chest muscles. This will definitely improve the firmness of the bust of women with an apple figure, and additionally raise and round it.

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6. DeadliftDeadlift is a well-known strength exercise, defined as an exercise involving almost the entire body to work. This means that we not only sculpt most of the most important muscle parts during one exercise, but also burn a lot of calories. The muscles of the back, the extensor of the spine, the biceps muscles of the thighs, the gluteal muscles and the abdominal muscles work the most during the deadlift. A technically well-done deadlift can be the most effective exercise for apple-shaped women.

7. SprintThis is an excellent aerobic exercise that not only boosts the metabolism, but also perfectly strengthens the abdominal muscles. To increase the intensity of the exercises, try lifting your legs high and changing the pace of the sprint. This will additionally engage the abdominal muscles and increase the body's energy expenditure.

8. Walking up the stairsThis is a universal exercise that can be done anywhere. It is enough to choose a classic staircase instead of an escalator or elevator. Walking up the stairs will allow people with an apple figure to tone and strengthen the legs and buttocks, as well as activate the abdomen to work and burn fat around it.

Training rules for the apple figure

  1. After strength training, do interval training. It is a universal solution for women who want to sculpt their figure and compensate for body disproportions by means of strength training, as well as burn excess fat from problematic areas. Interval training after strength training is most effective. During strength exercises, the muscles use up all their glycogen storesmuscle, which allows you to draw energy directly from adipose tissue, i.e. the last energy path of the body.
  2. Bet on strength and endurance training. Such training will work best with an apple figure, because it will simultaneously sculpt and firm the muscles and burn excess fat from problematic areas. Strength and endurance training is, in short, an effort during which we perform a large amount of a given exercise with the addition of a small load, minimizing the time intervals between sets.
  3. Perform exercises that engage the whole body to work. It is enough to select several multi-joint exercises in one training in order to achieve a large energy expenditure and overtrain the whole body in a short time. The multi-joint exercises evenly develop the muscles of the whole body and are excellent at compensating for all kinds of disproportions in the figure. They include, among others squats, deadlifts, laps, forward supports, rowing and push-ups.
  4. Look for opportunities to move everywhere. Instead of driving a car, choose walking or cycling, and instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs. Just stay active all day long. If you sit a lot at work, take frequent breaks and get up from your desk for short walks. Try to do extra exercise during your normal routines, e.g. when you reach for something from the floor, try replacing your bend down with squats. We often forget that it is our daily activity that has the greatest impact on the he alth and condition of our body.

How to equalize the disproportions of the figure in the figure of an apple?

In order to even out the disproportions of the figure in the figure of an apple, we must focus on the expansion of the legs and buttocks and the reduction of fat from the abdomen, back and arms.

Sculpting the lower body will provide us with strength training. While performing it, it is worth focusing on squats, deadlifts, laps, lunges, hip-thrust, and back and side legs abduction. In people with an apple figure, the most important aspect is the enlargement and strengthening of the buttock muscles, as they are weak in their nature. It is worth working on them, because they not only look attractive, but are responsible for a number of important functions, including they relieve the lumbar spine, hip joint and knees. Strong buttocks are a must for those who lift quite a lot of weight around the body of apples.

Fat reduction in people with an apple figure will be much easier if they implement a he althy and low-calorie diet into their lives. However, exercise can also help by turning up your metabolism and firming up saggy and saggy skin. In order toreduce fat from the abdominal area, back and arms and at the same time firm and shape these parts, you should focus on aerobic and strength exercises. Abdominal exercises with an additional cardio element and strength and endurance training with dumbbells, i.e. TBC.

Sample training for women with an apple figure

The most effective training for people with an apple figure is, among others, interval effort, which includes aerobic and multi-joint exercises. The following example training for an apple figure should be performed in a minimum of 3 circuits. The break between exercises is 15 seconds, and 1 minute between the entire circuits.

If you train yourself in this training, you can increase its intensity by 45 seconds and 1 minute of the duration of the exercise, or increase the number of circuits, up to a maximum of 5.

Board30 seconds
Mountain bike30 seconds
Sprint30 seconds
Burpess30 seconds
Women's pump30 seconds
Jumping jacks30 seconds

Plank - support the front elbows. Remember that the spine is in one line Mountain bike - take a forward support position on your hands and alternately bring your knees closer to your chest. Sprint - Raise your knees high to your chest. Keep your abdomen constantly tense Burpess - Jump up by stretching your arms high and descend to the plank position. Return to the starting position. For those who want something more, it is recommended to perform a push-up while descending to the support with the front. Women's push-up - place your hands shoulder-width apart and rest your knees on the mat. In this position, bring your chest closer to the ground. Jumping jacks. For this exercise, get down into the squat and take yourself out of it, landing again in the squat.

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