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Hello madam! I have been on a strong antibiotic treatment for a week (it will last at least 6 weeks) and I am afraid of yeast. So far I do not have it, but I have already preventively switched to a diet that excludes sugars, carbohydrates and yeast, but I do not know if I can eat e.g. tomatoes, which I like very much, and carrots (I know that it is cooked rather not, but raw?) I also do not know should I exclude dairy products, white cheeses, kefirs, etc. I eat a lot of white probiotic yoghurts, so I necessarily consume dairy products. I was looking for answers on the internet, but there are many different versions and I finally got lost. I am asking for advice and thank you in advance.

Hello! It is not possible to completely exclude sugars from the diet, because they are found not only in fruits, but also vegetables. They are not found in fats and meat. But can you live with them for 6 weeks? It makes sense to feed the bacterial flora with good bacteria, because then the good ones destroy the bad ones.

It also seems that candida albicans can reach people with predispositions that you don't need to have, because you have a strong immune system. Raw carrots and tomatoes aren't supposed to cause yeast. Regards

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Iza Czajka

Author of the book "Diet in a big city", a lover of runs and marathons.

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