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What to eat after running - in the evening and during the day? This question is asked especially by people who want to lose weight by jogging. And rightly so, because losing weight is a long process, and the lack of a proper meal after exercise is the greatest enemy of a slender figure. Are you wondering what to eat after running while on reduction? All you need is a proper menu and your physical activity will bring more benefits than you think! Check what to eat after running to lose weight and learn what your meals should look like after running while losing weight.

No matter if you run in the morning or in the evening and what your goal is at the moment -after running you always have to eat ! Even if you are losing weight, you should eat a nutritious meal after running, consisting primarily of protein and carbohydrates.

Only what products to choose in order not to gain weight? Read this article for tips and examples of meals after your run.

What to eat after running to lose weight?

  • What to eat during the day after training

After running, e.g. in the morning or during the day, it is best to eatsimple carbohydrates , which will be quickly absorbed into the body and provide the tired muscles with the glycogen they need.Not eating after training, because we are afraid of gaining weight, is a mistake!After finishing physical activity, we especially need fuel from food. A tired and ravenous body will absorb everything we give it andwill not postpone the meal in the form of fatty tissue . If we do not eat a proper meal after running, we will force our body to store too much body fat as a defensive process and put our he alth at risk.

About an hour after the end of the effort, we should provide ourselves with an appropriate portion ofprotein , which is the building block of muscles and bones. Protein will additionally boost the metabolism after running, because our body has to work hard to digest it.

To sum up - immediately after running, you should eat a portion of simple carbohydrates, e.g. in the form of a fruit cocktail, and about an hour after training, a protein meal.

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  • What to eat after running in the evening

When losing weight, many people wonder what to eat after running in the evening to lose weight. However, in this case, nothing changes! First of all, we need to provide our body withsimple carbohydratesnecessary for it. The best solution is a banana, which is a he althy and the least calorie snack containing simple carbohydrates.

What to eat for dinner after running in the evening or on reduction? A good choice will be a salad consisting of lean meat and plenty of vegetables, porridge in skim milk or yogurt with the addition of bran. You can eat such a meal about an hour after training, but no later than 2 hours before going to bed.

Remember:you won't gain weight if you eat simple carbohydrates after running. All you need to do is stick to your daily caloric requirement and you will lose weight anyway.

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What to eat after running? Sample meals

Meal after the run during the day:

  1. Stew of chicken, wholemeal pasta, with parmesan.
  2. Baked cod served with baked potatoes, carrots, parsley and celery.
  3. Turkey, red onion, carrot and courgette stew served with brown rice.
  4. Red pepper stuffed with lean turkey meat, chickpeas, red onion and mozzarella cheese.

Meal after the run in the evening:

  1. Skimmed milk porridge
  2. Yoghurt with bran
  3. Sandwiches made of wholemeal bread with turkey ham and tomato
  4. Salad with chicken, cucumber, yellow pepper and lamb's lettuce.

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