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The main principle of the INSANITY diet is that it is based on five meals a day, each with the same energy value. The diet should cover the daily caloric requirement and be rich in antioxidants to minimize losses during exercise. See ideas for dishes and recipes for the insanity diet.

Diet for people exercising INSANITY , just like the training itself, was created by the Beachbody company. It consists of the Nutrition Elite diet plan, which involves eating 5 meals a day, each with the same energy value.

Insanity diet (Nutrition Elite plan): what is it?

Plan Nutrition Elite is a nutritional program that teaches proper habits not only during the training period. According to him, meals should be 40% carbohydrate, 40% protein and 20% "he althy fats".

The authors of the diet recommend products with a low glycemic index (whole grains, vegetables, fruits) to maintain normal blood glucose levels and avoid rapid jumps in blood glucose. Therefore, white bread, rice and sweets are not recommended. The program recommends the elimination of alcohol and sugar for the duration of the training, after its completion, they can be slowly implemented.

The Nutrition Elite plan does not assume a specific caloric value of the diet due to the fact that each person has a different need, but the caloric value of the diet should be in the range of 1500-2500 kcal / day. It is possible to add 100-200 kcal / day to increase the training intensity.

It is also important to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day.

Diet according to the Nutrition Elite plan consists of five meals: breakfast, 2nd breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner, with a caloric value of 300-400 kcal. In the guide, the authors provide 10 examples of dishes for each meal, from which you should choose one, you must not skip any meal, because, as the authors of the program point out, you will not be able to endure heavy insanity training.

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Insanity diet in the second month of training

In the second month of training (insanity training should not last longer than 2 months),Additional snacks are allowed due to the increase in metabolism during the first month of its duration. The authors of the plan allow you to include additional meals. Whether you add them and how many of them you introduce into your diet depends on you and how you feel. If the calories from 5 meals are right for you, you feel well and you have the strength to continue exercising, you can settle for 5 meals just like in the first month of training.

Is the Nutrition Elite Plan sufficient for people who exerciseINSANITY ?

The nutritional plan does not assume the caloric value of the diet above 2500 kcal, not in the first month of training. However, some people may require a higher calorie diet due to significantly increased physical exertion.

Caloric requirements may not be adequately met, especially in men. Meals with the same calorific value from the perspective of a dietitian are also not a good idea. The caloric value of meals and the times of eating them should be adapted to physical exertion.

However, the selection of products proposed by the authors of the plan is appropriate and teaches the formation of correct eating habits (selection of products with a low glycemic index, elimination of sugar, sweets, alcohol). The dishes are easy to make and the entire diet is varied, so it is worth using the recipes proposed by the authors, e.g. for porridge with fruit, white cheese with fruit for breakfast, rice with chicken or tuna salad.

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