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The France Aubry diet is a very restrictive diet, and if used over a long period of time, it can lead to serious deficiencies. It was supposed to be a weapon against anorexia among models and an incentive to follow proper eating habits. But even this diet, if used for more than a week, leads to severe nutritional deficiencies and disorders.

France Aubry is one of the most famous dietitians in the world. Millions of young women read her nutrition book every day, analyzing every word and applying every advice and recipe. The problem is that thediet , specially developed for starving female models, is just another way to … outsmart your hunger . And although the appetite can be misled for a moment, Mother Nature will not fool herself.

Śniadanko in the diet of France Aubry

If we followed the recommendations of France Aubry 100%, it would turn out that our daily diet should mostly consist of mineral water (still), apples and chewing gum (no sugar). To make things a bit "he althier", Aubry advises to limit the amount of coffee drunk a day (to three cups), and also not to skip breakfast and add at least a minimal amount of fat to the dishes (for a nice complexion!). Unfortunately, the French thinks a decent morning meal is a glass of water with a dissolved multivitamin tablet, washed down with light herbal tea for a change, stuffed with a cup of natural yoghurt and one piece of fruit … You have to endure such a dose of energy until dinner. The models have a problem with their heads. They usually stay in places where there aren't too many dietary temptations apart from coffee machines. And even if they are, the vision of extra pounds does its job. But what about the rest of them wanting to lose a few pounds from France Aubry?

According to an expertEwa Ceborska, a dietitian from the Food & Diet Dietetic Clinic

The France Aubry diet is a very restrictive diet, and if used over a long period of time, it can lead to serious deficiencies. Even for a few days, it significantly lowers the metabolism, which is difficult to accelerate later. The most serious complaint, however, is the lack of carbohydrates from grain products. Cereal products are the main source of energy in the diet of every human being, and at the same time a very good source of vitamins and minerals necessary in everyday functioning, in maintaininghe alth and beauty. In addition, the diet proposed by the French nutritionist contains too little dietary fiber. It is necessary for cleansing the digestive tract, stimulating intestinal peristalsis and for the feeling of satiety to last as long as possible. Reasonable and effective, and therefore permanent slimming is not only starving, but also the ability to change your body to good nutrition and better habits.
On the other hand, the advantage of the France Aubry diet is that it contains a fairly large amount of calcium-rich dairy products. Calcium is a mineral that is very often deficient in the diet of Poles. A good change in our menu is also limiting coffee and increasing the amount of still mineral water (minimum 1.5 l).
Remember that each successive ineffective weight loss lowers the metabolism and it will be more difficult for us to lose weight in the future. The fight against excess kilograms should therefore begin with a thorough analysis of dietary errors and their gradual and skillful correction.

Lunch and dinner according to France Aubry diet

The fact that the dinner will bring at least a temporary relief and saturation is also not worth counting. All three meals are all about keeping the amount of carbohydrate to a minimum or even zero. No potatoes, no flour dishes. About 150-200 g of lean meat or fish with salad and a dessert in the form of lean cottage cheese or yogurt. The dinner set looks just as modest.
It all sounds pretty drastic, but if you follow a diet for a week, you can lose up to 4 kilos. The problem, however, is that most young women, after a week of such struggle, are afraid to start eating more and extend Aubry's diet to a month or even six months. And this sooner or later leads to serious deficiencies, and in extreme cases to anorexia.

Basic cons of diet

Apart from the lack of complex carbohydrates, the undeniable flaw of France Aubry's diet is too little variety, especially when it comes to breakfast. This is because it is almost identical every day. - How many days in a row we are able to eat the same and how quickly disgust with these products will appear. It is also worth noting that with a rational diet, a multivitamin is not needed every morning - adds Barbara Dąbrowska, human nutrition specialist from the Dietosphere - Dietary Clinic.
An additional disadvantage of this diet is too small number of meals (usually 3). A he althy adult should eat at least 5 times a day (3 main meals and 2 bites), approximately 3 hours apart. - This is a much better way to satisfy your hunger than chewing gum. Smaller numbermeals means a slower metabolic rate, which, when returning to the normal diet, results in a tendency to gain weight and the yo-yo effect - emphasizes Dąbrowska.
It is also very disturbing that this method of nutrition is propagated among models. They are mainly young girls who are still growing, developing and needing varied, rational menus and therefore you should be very careful when offering them another "miracle" diet.

Celebrating meals instead of a restrictive diet

French women don't think much of this type of diet. They love to eat well, and yet, like Japanese women, they are among the thinnest women in the world. The secret lies not in starving yourself, but in celebrating meals, chewing each bite thoroughly, drinking plenty of mineral water and in lettuce with olive oil. So if you go hungry, it's only for a week. Then it's time for real cuisine!

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