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If you associate asian food only with sushi, rice and sprouts, then you have no idea about Asian cuisine. The Far East diet offers much more. The philosophy of the oriental diet assumes maintaining the right proportions between carbohydrates, protein and micronutrients.

Raw fish orsushi- yes, but apart from it and a bowl of ginger rice, Asian cuisine offers much more. What is the best and most valuable in the approach todietresidentsFar Eastis the balance between the two life energies - Yin and Yang. When it comes to food, balance is all about maintaining the right balance between carbohydrates, protein and micronutrients. It is thanks to this that the Far Eastern style of nutrition guarantees a slim figure and a long, he althy life. Due to the limitation of highly processed products to the necessary minimum, the Chinese, Japanese and Koreans are the nation best protected against civilization diseases.

Spices are the basis of the oriental diet

Taste every bite. Chew your food thoroughly and use chopsticks instead of traditional cutlery. These are the basic principles of the oriental diet, which allows you to get rid of two or three kilos in a week without the risk of losing the necessary vitamins and microelements. And what is important, during exotic weight loss you will not feel either hungry or headache or the weakness and irritation typical of slimming diets. There is no tiring counting calories or avoiding alcohol. On the contrary, a glass of red wine a day is recommended as one of the best digestive aids and circulation enhancers. In addition, all kinds of sprouts (soybean, radishes). Of course, the best ones are grown in your own kitchen, but for ease of use, you can easily use ready-made ones from the store. As soon as possible, replace wheat noodles with soy or rice flour, and meat with soy and tofu products. Don't be afraid of Chinese mushrooms, sesame oil, soy sauce and lots of spices. Especially chili, curry and ginger. The latter warms you up, adds energy and accelerates fat burning.


Sample menu

Breakfast: a cup of tea (black, green or jasmine), freshfruit (all fruits are allowed, without exception, in any quantity)

Second breakfast: apple or pear, buttermilk or juice with no added sugar

Protein lunch (to choose from): fish with vegetables and ginger, tofu with basil and white beans Afternoon tea: raisins, dried fruit, fresh vegetables (e.g. kohlrabi), nuts, kefir, tomato juice Dinner based on carbohydrates - a mix of vegetables stewed in sesame oil, served on rice noodles

The most important thing in your diet is the balance between Yang and Yin

Before you reach for all kinds of Asian speci alties, you will admire the tenderness of stewed bamboo and coconut milk in a light version, remember that the most important thing is the balance between the male Yang and female Yin. Asians recognize as a dietary element Yang all protein products, which as such should be eaten every day, but only in the morning and around noon. Only then do they provide us with concentration and energy, protecting against unnecessary kilograms. Under no circumstances should they be combined with carbohydrates that are managed by Yin. Carbohydrates are allowed only in the evening when they can provide you well-deserved relaxation and relief. But just as the two groups should not be mixed, neither will mind adding different forms of vegetables, dairy and spices at any time of the day. The exception is sushi. Here the fish "forgives" the rice, and the rice blends in with the algae leaves.

Far East diet is he althy

Researchers admit that never before have the influence of China and Japan been so strong in the world. Sushi bars, to the delight of dieters, are increasingly replacing fast food and kebab shops. Why did we suddenly like sushi? Rather not because, as scientists agree, raw fish and algae protect the heart by lowering the level of bad cholesterol in the blood. In addition to effectively shedding extra pounds, the Asian diet ensures he alth and well-being. Research conducted on women in Shanghai shows that menopausal women who follow the local diet are much less likely to develop breast cancer than their compatriots who have migrated to the United States or Western Europe and have changed their diets dramatically. "The vegetable, freshwater fish, and soybean diet has beaten that of all types of meat, including poultry, milk and sweets," explains research leader Marilyn Tseng of the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia. In women who are prone to overweight, the second dietary regimen may cause the development of cancer cells.
So, an exotic diet is recommended for both menopausal women,people struggling with obesity in vain, but also all lovers of the eastern lifestyle, yoga, Buddhism, Hinduism. Although the latter do not need to be encouraged to diet. They have long and painlessly said goodbye to pork chops and ensure that they will never return to their old eating habits. Because the Asian diet can and should be followed for the rest of your life. Long life.

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