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The American diet was developed by Dr. Johan Hempere. She quickly gained popularity with movie stars because it is varied and quick to prepare meals. The American diet is recommended for people who have problems with metabolism and skin. It is also known as the Hollywood Diet.

Reducing the number of calories

The American Diet , also known as the Hollywood Diet, is about reducing the number ofcaloriesto 1,200-1500. You can do it slowly - eat 200 calories less each week. After reaching the desired weight, you gradually increase the caloric value of your meals. You avoid animal fats, fatty meats, dairy products and meat. You cook, stew, grill.

Products prohibited in the American diet:

sugar, sweets, s alt, animal fats, fatty meats, meat, milk and its products with a high fat content.

Products indicated in the American diet:

whole grain bread, lean meat, dairy and fish, onion, sprouts, bran, yeast.

You must do it

Step by step

  • the daily menu must include bran and natural yogurt (aid digestion), yeast (help maintain proper blood glucose levels), sprouts and onions (strengthen and immunize)
  • you eat small meals five times a day at strictly defined times
  • make a yeast drink before going to bed - a rich source of B vitamins - dissolve a teaspoon of yeast in hot water and drink it when it gets cold
  • you drink a lot (minimum 2 liters a day) of still mineral water, herbal tea, green and red.

Diet for overworked people

For people with a poormetabolism , with skin problems, and also for busy people - preparing meals takes very little time.

Advantages of the diet

The diet is varied and therefore beneficial to he alth. It improves metabolism, regulates blood sugar levels, improves the appearance of skin, hair and nails.
You should not feel hungry - meals, although small, eat often. The dishes are simple and inexpensive.

Disadvantages of a diet

Requires accurate calorie calculation and strict adherence to meal times.
For some, limiting to 1,200 kcal per day maybe difficult to implement.

Sample menu in the American diet

  • breakfast (150 kcal): 1/2 graham, a cup of lean cottage cheese
  • 2nd breakfast (150 kcal): 2 thin slices of wholemeal bread, 1/2 cup of sprouts, 50 g of roasted pork loin
  • dinner (350 kcal): medium piece of grilled meat, a slice of wholemeal bread, chopped onion mixed with 1/2 cup of sprouts
  • afternoon tea (100 kcal): a cup of lean natural yoghurt with bran
  • dinner (150 kcal): Chinese cabbage, tomato, peas, cucumber salad, sprinkled with bran
  • at bedtime: yeast drink

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