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To get rid of excess weight, it is necessary to burn excess fat. The body needs to start using up its energy reserves from adipose tissue. It is possible when your energy balance is negative, i.e. you limit your food while losing weight. But you can also achieve a negative energy balance by increasing your physical activity.

If you want to lose weight, your body needs to start using energy stores frombody fat . This will only happen if yourenergy balanceis negative. In short, what we eat will not provide the body with a sufficient amount of calories. That is why we usually limit our food. But there is a more effective wayto lose weight .

Physical activity necessary for slimming to be effective

If you start to achieve a negative energy balance by increasing physical activity, you will avoid the yo-yo effect. This is because regular exercise not only increases your daily energy expenditure, but also increases your basal metabolic rate (PPM). This is the amount of energy your body needs each day to maintain basic life functions such as breathing, heart rate, and maintaining a constant body temperature. The higher the PPM, the more the body burns during the day. Drastic limitations introduced to the menu lower the PPM, while regular movement helps to increase it. And this is a guarantee not only of weight reduction, but also of maintaining the results obtained. You must not forget about the principles of he althy eating.

Movement plus a he althy diet guarantee success in losing weight

Physical activity does not have to mean daily training in a fitness club or gym. Start in small steps. Park your car further to walk a bit, go up the stairs instead of taking the elevator. While waiting for the meeting or the bus, try to walk around, not sit. If the weather is favorable, and you have business near your home or small shopping to do, go on foot. These little energy expenses will add up and help balance the energy balance. And if you gradually include regular walking, jogging or cycling, then with a he althy eating style, without introducing any special restrictions, you can achieve a negative energy balance and get rid ofpermanently unnecessary kilograms.

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