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Runmageddon routes and obstacles are enjoyed by children and young people all over Poland. From the beginning of the year, about 7,000 little Runmageddonians stood at the start of specially prepared formulas. They had fun in Wrocław, Ełk, Kraków and Warsaw, and next weekend, June 8-9, they will embark on the extreme sea adventure of Runmageddon Gdynia.

Parents look at them with pride when they make their way through paths full of mud, water and sand.

- We were running around with our kids and taking pictures like crazy. We enjoyed their determination and the adventure that awaited them there - laughs Kinga, mother of five-year-old Igor after her son's start in Runmageddon Kids.

Children's routes

Children like jumping, running, overcoming obstacles and getting dirty at the same time. All this ensures a start on the children's Runmageddon routes. Now the competitions in the Kids formula (three age groups: 4-5, 6-8 and 9-11 years old, 1 km route) and Junior (12-15 years old, 2 km) are played next to each one. From this year, at each Runmageddon event, there are competitions for children and teenagers. - It's great! Children can experience what we once experienced while playing stalking in the forest.

Get dirty and get tired!

Only they have all the emotions in a nutshell on Runmageddon. They barely crawl out of the mud ditch, are already jumping over the wooden structure. Amazing fun. And, by the way, shaping the strength of character. Many parents say to their child "just don't get dirty" or "don't run or you will sweat", and here the message is the opposite: get dirty and tired at will! - says Kinga. Together with her husband Wojciech Staszewski, they describe their family's sports life on the blog. On the last Saturday of May, all three of them made their Runmageddon debuts.

Medal Run

- It's best to involve children in sports by showing them that we are happy about it - says Kinga. - But we survived our son's start twice. Parents were running along the route, taking photos and films for their children. Our boyfriend was very concentrated. He hesitated a little as it was necessary to slide down the slide into the water ditch, but he overcame his fear. Such professions are meant to overcome your own limitations while having fun. And then when his shoe fell off in the muddy puddle, he was laughing at it. The husband helped him put it on and the boy finished sixth or seventh in his streak.He hung the medal from the race himself by the crib.

Runmageddon Kids on the beach

In Gdynia, you can expect even more water obstacles, because the competition will be held in Kolibki Park and on the nearby beach. Teenagers over 16 (with parental consent) will be able to overcome the Intro route - 3 km with 15 obstacles, or even the 6-kilometer Recruit, where 30 obstacles await them. Slightly younger - 12-15 years old - they will run a two-kilometer route with 15 obstacles. And children between 4 and 11 years old have a kilometer to run and 10 obstacles to overcome.

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