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Easter is a difficult time for people on slimming diets. Tables buckle with the weight of Christmas dishes and pastries. How not to be tempted by sour rye soup with white sausage and a third piece of mazurka? How to avoid excess calories while sitting at the Easter table?

DietandEasterdo not go hand in hand, but there are ways to have a happy Christmas andnot to gain weight . Just follow a few simple rules described below and don't despair if your willpower turns out to be too weak and you eat a little more than you should - a long walk will allow you to get back into balance (including the caloric one).

How to avoid calories and overeating on Easter?

    • Bite something before Easter breakfast . It is worth making something easy to digest, because when you come with an empty stomach, the temptation to reach for a salad with mayonnaise or mazurka will be greater.
    • Remember about fluids.Before leaving the house, drink mineral water, lemon water, green tea or mint tea - you will fill your stomach with fluids and you will eat less as a result. At a party, remember that carbonated drinks, fruit juices and the so-called cold teas also provide calories.
    • Choose low-calorie dishes.Among the many dishes you will certainly find light salads without mayonnaise, lean meats or roasted meats, etc.
    • Like temptation - it's symbolic.If there is something very tasty, something new or - conversely - your favorite dish that you really want to try - compromise: put a tiny portion - on the one hand you will try, on the other - without remorse.
    • Alcohol in moderation.It is worth making a few assumptions about alcohol, which is very caloric: determine how much we are allowed to drink and do not exceed this dose; choose the least caloric drinks, i.e. dry white and red wines. It's worth following the rule - one glass of wine, one glass of water
    • One madness without guilt.If for any reason you do not follow the advice above and you experience a madness at the table, the worst thing you can do is feel guilty and cross out future efforts. On the contrary - let it motivate you to an active week, dietary meals and taking care of what you put onplate.

How to refuse an extra during the Easter feast?

It is worth considering how to refuse refills and refills, avoiding the disappointed expression of the hosts and extra centimeters at the waist. Regardless of the circumstances, you have to learn to say no, using the words: I choose, I want, I am going, it is important to me, I will, I decided, instead of: I have to, I cannot, I am forced. It is certainly easier to tell a friend, for example, that we are on a diet - they will understand, but with mother and mother-in-law it is different. If you are on a diet, advise of this prior to admission, asking for discretion. Sometimes a polite but firm "thank you no" and a denial is enough. Don't feel guilty afterwards, because taking care of yourself does not hurt anyone else, and one of the laws of assertiveness says: "I have the right to ask, you - to refuse."

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