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Festive Easter delicacies are extremely caloric, but it is difficult to deny yourself everything while sitting at the set table. Can you not imagine Easter without traditional sour rye soup or eggs in mayonnaise? We advise what to do to feast the palate and at the same time not to get fat during the holidays? There is a way!

PolishEaster dishesare among the best delicacies in the world. Unfortunately, they also rank first on the list of the most fattening foods. A tasty egg in mayonnaise is almost 200 kcal, a plate of sour soup with a piece of white sausage - 600 kcal, a little less because 550 kcal is in a small portion of chocolate mazurka. And yet these three dishes served inEasterare just a modest overture to what awaits our stomach and liver … It turns out that we do not have to pay for culinary delights with a few unnecessary centimeters in the hips. It is enough to learn about the traps that lie in wait for our palates and to counteract them carefully.

How to slim down Easter dishes so that they do not lose their flavor?

  • Eggsfor Easter

The egg has 90 kcal, of which the yolk is 70. You will slim the egg by replacing part of the yolk with e.g. dill, onion or fried mushrooms.

  • Mayonnaisefor Easter

Mayonnaise is one of the biggest enemies of a slim figure, fortunately you can save a lot on lean mayonnaise added to eggs, salads, sauces and fish. A traditional recipe is to combine the egg with a glass of olive oil and a tablespoon of mustard. And 5 heaped tablespoons of this sauce is as much as 650 kcal. If you dilute the traditional mayonnaise with lean yogurt in a proportion of 5 to 2, the same portion will reduce as much as 180 kcal - without harming the taste. That's a lot, considering how much mayonnaise you eat during your Easter breakfast.

  • Saladsfor Easter
  • They are a tricky caloric trap. Vegetables are low in calories, we can eat any amount of cucumbers, radishes or boiled carrots with impunity. However, nutritionists warn against uncontrolled overeating of salads, because although vegetables do not make you fat, you can eat additives! A large bowl of vegetables cut for a vegetable salad is only 40 kcal, but the same portion of vegetables with mayonnaise is 240 kcal. A large cucumber is only 20 kcal, but the cucumber is over100 kcal. Therefore, it is worth taking a critical look at the ingredients of various salad delicacies, and when preparing them yourself - dispensing fattening additives with apothecary accuracy. Where you can replace cream with yogurt, mix the mayonnaise with yoghurt or the leanest cream before adding it to your vegetables.

  • Cold cutsfor Easter
  • Choose less evil - poultry ham has as much as half as much calories as pork ham. Baked middle loin is much thinner than the neck one. The sausages that are dangerous to the carcass include ham, country ham with fat, salami, baked and smoked bacon. But the caloric record is the pate. A thicker slice has as many calories as a huge portion of mazurka! Safe for the waist and hip circumference is the sirloin, lean veal and poultry ham and roasted pork loin.

  • Soupson the Easter table
  • In many homes, the festive table has a sour soup on white sausage. And although it is one of the most fattening soups - do not remove it from the menu, just … lose weight. For preparation, choose a lean sausage, put it in cold water and let it boil longer to melt as much fat as possible. After the stock is cooled down in the refrigerator, remove all the fat that has accumulated on the surface. Only this reduced stock and sausage should be used to cook the soup. Whiten it with lean cream. This way you can save about 40 kcal on one serving.

  • Meat for dinner
  • Poultry skin and breadcrumbs on a cutlet are unnecessary calories. Therefore, instead of frying the meat, choose to grill it on the grill - one slice of pork roasted on the grill is 100 kcal less than the breaded equivalent fried in oil!

  • Cakes and desserts
  • There are no holidays without mazurkas, fluffy babes and cheesecakes. However, remember that these delicacies are very fattening. Avoid frosted cakes and choose the ones with fruit. A sponge cake with fruit is half the caloric value of a cake. A bowl of banana mousse is also great for a Christmas dessert - he althy and low in calories.

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