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The empty shell is a beautiful decoration. This delicate and inconspicuous shell can decorate any Easter table. Contrary to appearances, making an empty shell is not that difficult. See how to make a simple decorative shell.

Rainbow shell

To make a rainbow blown you will need:

  • multicolored squares (dimensions: 1cmx1cm) cut from tissue paper
  • colored ribbons and ribbons
  • glue
  • scissors


We stick colored squares on the shell in such a way that one square partially overlaps the other. After sticking the entire blown shell, tie it with decorative ribbons and fix it with a colorless varnish.

How to make an egg shell ? Thoroughly wash and dry the eggs. Then use a thin needle to pierce the sharper end of the egg. Gently pierce the egg until a hole is formed. Make a hole in the same way at the other end of the egg. Then prepare a bowl over which the contents of the egg will be blown. Once you've blown out the egg white and yolk, wash the egg gently in cold water and pat dry.

Spring blown cake

To make a spring blown you will need:

  • colored paper,
  • corrector (for removing ink from pens),
  • colored paints,
  • glue,
  • scissors.


First, paint the blown eggs with colorful paints and leave them to dry.

Then we cut out colorful butterflies of different sizes. Decorate the edges of the wings with a white concealer. We can also make white dots or other patterns (such as on butterfly wings).

Next, gently glue colorful butterflies on the eggshells. We can put any number of butterflies on each egg, in various configurations.

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