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Online food shopping is gaining more and more followers. It can be more expensive in online stores, but it saves a lot of time and a wide selection of food products, including ecological ones. What are the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping?

The biggest benefit ofonline shoppingis saving time. Instead of wasting 2-3 hours every week driving to a hypermarket, standing in line to the cash register and carrying the nets home, just spend a few minutes in front of the monitor.

Online shopping is easy

You choose the products you need and put them in a virtual shopping cart. The products are viewed according to various criteria. For example, bread - by category (bread, rolls) or type (sliced, dark, no preservatives) or by manufacturer. In someonline storesyou can select products according to their calorific value. Then you enter your shipping address and payment method. You usually pay by card online or by bank transfer, by card on delivery or in cash (it is not always possible). Delivery costs are usually PLN 5-30 depending on the value ofpurchases , but many stores offer free delivery after exceeding the agreed amount (usually PLN 100-150). Purchases are delivered at an agreed time (with an accuracy of 1-3 hours) by delivery trucks that allow you to maintain the right temperature of products.
There are many online grocery stores on the market. Some of them are related to traditional supermarkets (e.g. E.Leclerc -, Bomi -, Piotr i PaweĊ‚, others operate only in the network (e.g. Frisco -, -, Do Domku -

What to watch out for when shopping online

The disadvantage of this way of buying is certainly the cost. Prices in online stores are higher, and you often have to pay extra for delivery. On the other hand - when buying in a stationary store, you also pay for delivery - you have to buy fuel for your car or public transport tickets. Sometimes the ordered product is missing, in which case a supermarket employee calls with suggestions for replacements. Unfortunately, you cannot choose and examine bread, fruit and vegetables yourself, and check their freshness. Some stores (such as, however, provide on their pages the expiry dates of the offered
Ordered goods can be advertised. Sometimes the complaint is processed immediately by the courier, if not - you need to contact the store. This should be done as soon as possible. Sometimes it turns out that not all of the imported products are ordered. Then the store returns the overpaid money to the account or settles it on the next order.
To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is necessary to read the store regulations before shopping. It is also worth checking packages with purchases in the presence of the courier - check that nothing is missing, that the fruit is fresh and that nothing has been damaged during transport (e.g. eggs, yoghurts). Also remember to keep the receipt.

Ecological stores on the Internet

Online shopping is an interesting and sometimes the only option for people looking for organic and vegetarian products. Ecological stores in the network offer goods that are difficult to find in the area in a wide selection. For example, in the Evergreen store ( you can buy e.g. amaranth noodles, vegetarian black pudding, almond butter and carob bars, as well as vegan animal food and natural cosmetics. On the other hand, in the Organic Store ( you will find, for example, spelled coffee, organic broth cubes, yoghurt chocolate with lemon and ecological cleaning products. In both of these stores, courier delivery costs PLN 22. Eco-friendly lifestyle enthusiasts will also like the Ecological Delicatessen ( The store has a really large selection of products - from bread, through jams, honey, eggs, goat yoghurt, to vegetables, fruit, meat and fish, as well as cosmetics and cleaning products. The price of delivery depends on the chosen method of delivery and the amount spent. Online stores will not replace a visit to a grocery or bakery. However, they are a good alternative to a weekly trip to the supermarket - especially for busy people.

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