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Regional products are distinguished by their unique taste and aroma. They are produced according to traditional and unchanging methods and recipes. That is why the European Union supports and protects the production of regional products.

In an increasingly globalizing world, consumers demand greater safety in the quality of food products. Hence, the price includescertificates , awarded toregional products , produced according to traditional methods and under strictly controlled conditions.
The quality is guaranteed by the European Union awarding the "g.g.A" label, i.e. PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) and DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata).

Regional products protected by the quality mark

The EU protected mark is clearly worded information on origin and quality. For consumers and traders, the marked origin is first and foremost safety: the trader can trace the product from the farmer to the store's shelf, while the buyer obtains security thanks to the product information when purchasing the product or on its packaging. At the same time, consumers and producers are protected against brand abuse or counterfeit brands.
It also reduces fraud on product labels and actively supports the maintenance of regional products. European quality marks such as PGI (g.g.A.) and DOC (denominazione di origine controllata) protected geographical indications are a guarantee of food safety and consumer protection thanks to strict controls of all production phases. They prevent brand abuse and counterfeiting and protect high-quality regional food products. In this way, they support the production of regional products within the European Union.
These products also include regional products of South Tyrol, PGI apples (Südtiroler Apfel g.g.A.), smoked PGI (Südtiroler Speck g.g.A.) and wine (Südtiroler DOC Wein), characterized by their authenticity, variety and quality, which is directly related to the place of their production. It is the high-quality traditionalrecipesand the cultivation methods as well as the special geographic and climatic conditions that ensure their quality, which is recognized by the taste.
The "New European Food Safety" program aims to inform consumers,trade and manufacturers about the benefits and content of the quality label. The campaign is planned for three years and will be funded by the European Commission, the Italian government and the Südtiroler Apfelkonsortium (South Tyrolean Apple Producers Consortium), Consortium Südtiroler Speck (South Tyrolean South Smoked Meat Producers Consortium) and the Verband der Kellereigenossenschaften Südtirols Association.

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