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What alcohol does not make a hangover, and what causes the most headache? The severity of hangover symptoms depends not only on the amount of alcohol you drink, but also on the type of alcohol you drink. It is also important with what additives we drink alcohol. Check which alcohol causes the hangover the most, and which causes less severe symptoms.

Which alcohols are a guarantee of a strong hangover , and which are worth choosing to function normally the next day? The lowest risk of a severe hangover is after drinking light-colored alcohols. The darker the alcohols, the greater the content of congeners - chemical compounds that are a by-product of the fermentation process. They are responsible for the color of the alcohol, as well as for the next day syndrome.

The list of dark spirits with the greatest hangover also includes brandy, cognac, rum, whiskey and bourbon. The risk of a severe hangover also increases after drinking a mixture of various alcohols. If you don't want a hangover, it's better to choose light-colored alcohols. We also need to remember to drink in moderation.

Hangover symptomswill be aggravated if you mix different types of alcohol together. It happens that ladies start an evening with their friends with a flavored beer and end it with a bottle of wine in their hand, without thinking about the fact that they combine two types of alcohol. However, we should bet on one type of beer or wine. We overload our body with alcohol consumption, so it is better to save it from mixing additives used in such alcohols.

What alcohol does not make a hangover after?


Of all alcoholic beverages, it is spirit that causes the least severe hangover symptoms. This is due to the so-called the purity of this drink. It results from multiple filtration and multi-level distillation. However, these processes contribute to the very high alcohol percentage.

The spirit usually contains 75 to 95% pure alcohol. Therefore, it is not a drink that is often served on the table in its classic form. Some people would probably have a problem even with the consumption of one glass.

However, there is a solution to this problem - the spirit just needs to be diluted. There are many recipes for such drinks. You can, for example, make a lemonade based on spirit and freshly squeezed lemon juice. Self-made lemon vodka with confidencewill be better than the one you can buy in the store.

The one available for sale usually contains artificial additives, so it is worth focusing on the natural components of the drink. It should be remembered that - regardless of the form in which we consume the spirit - even a small amount can make you dizzy.

Classic vodka

The cleaner it is, the lower the risk of developing the syndrome the next day. It is worth knowing that in the past, vodka in combination with various types of herbs was used medicinally (of course, served in very small amounts). Currently, the percentage of alcohol content in vodka is usually between 35 and 50%.


Gin is made by distilling the mash with the addition of common juniper berries. Many herbs can be added in the production process, the most common: licorice, angelica, anise, coriander, cumin, lemon, lime or orange peel, iris and calamus rhizomes, bitter almonds. It contains 35 to 60% of alcohols. In Polish stores, the most common are British gin (approx. 45% alcohol) and American gin (40% alcohol).

Gin is one of the most popular alcohols used for mixing in drinks - it can be an addition to colorful drinks, juices or sugar syrups.

This softens its bitter taste. However, after drinking a few of these connections the next day, we may not feel well. To minimize the risk of a hangover, it's best to drink gin without any additives, possibly with a tonic.

Tequila, but only silver

Tequila is alcohol obtained from agave juice subjected to alcoholic fermentation (about 7 kilograms of agave fruit per liter of this alcohol). In its final form, it contains approx. 32-50% pure alcohol.

Tequile oro and tequile bianco can be distinguished. Tequila oro is called golden tequila, due to its specific color obtained by staining with caramel or flavoring with wood. Tequila bianco, on the other hand, is a silver variety and it is colorless. It does not stay in the vats for a long time, because it is poured into bottles immediately after production.

For people who are afraid of a hangover, the silver version of tequla is recommended, to which producers usually do not add unnecessary ingredients.

You should also pay attention to whether you are drinking 100% agave tequila or mixed tequila. The latter must contain min. 51 percent blue agave, the rest are cane sugar or other additives. Mixed tequila causes a greater hangover, so people who want to avoid it should choose bottles with the inscription "Tequila - 100% agave".

What alcohol is the biggest hangover for?

Dark beers

A strong hangover can be triggered by a dark beer variety. Gourmets of this drink may not agree with this statement, but it is worth paying attention to which beer is most often used by Poles and consider whether it is really always of good quality.

A bottle or a can of this alcohol usually costs little, about PLN 3. It cannot be expected that for this price we will get beer made of the best quality ingredients.

Red wine

According to specialists, one glass of wine, e.g. for dinner, should not be harmful. It was calculated that the dose of wine after drinking which a woman should not feel any discomfort the next day was approx. 150 ml. A man can double this dose and he shouldn't feel bad the next day either. Worse if we drink wine in excess or of poor quality.

In Poland, the most sold is cheap red wines, which usually have nothing to do with the original vision and recipe of this noble drink.

If we choose products from the lowest price ranges, it is highly likely that the next day we will literally feel the consequences of our choices on our own skin. These wines contain other hangover-enhancing substances - sulphites (they are added to prevent food spoilage). Therefore, it is better to reach for organic red wines without the addition of these compounds.

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