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Winter has come to PGE Narodowy, and with it the largest winter town in Poland. Ice skating, crazy ice rides, curling and even a merry-go-round await the guests of the National Winter Festival. This year's novelty is "Fitness on skating" and the MultiSport Lab zone. Along with the start of the National Winter Festival, the "Calorie Counter" has also started.

For several years, Warsaw has had a unique winter attraction - the Winter National. It is the largest ice rink complex in Poland. In the National Winter, you can go ice skating, but also go downhill on pontoons from the iceberg, or go crazy on bumper cars.

On weekends, the Zimowy Narodowy invites the youngest to "Mornings for children", which is learning to skate through play, led by instructors from Ice & Fun. Those who want to combine sport with entertainment and an element of competition can take advantage of curling led by instructors from the Polish Federation of Curling Clubs.

- Over the course of five editions, the National Winter Festival was visited by over 2.2 million guests! It is a place for active recreation for both adults and children. It is a space for positive emotions. The Winter National Stadium attracts people seeking sports experiences, as well as those who are looking for an idea to spend their free time.

Proven attractions have returned to the National Winter Festival this season, there will also be new products such as "Fitness on skating with MultiSport" or a magic carousel for the youngest. For the first time, we will also count calories burned - says Katarzyna Ziemska, CEO of Testa Communications, organizer of the National Winter Winter.

Ice rink calorie counter

With the start of the National Winter, the calorie counter was launched. It is an application that uses a special algorithm that calculates the number of calories burned together based on the number of people riding on the ice rink. The counter is designed to motivate and with a dose of humor make you aware how many calories we are able to lose thanks to ice skating. The number of calories will be displayed on the screen that has been installed at the rink, e.g. if participants at the rink burn 10,000 calories, the screen will display a number with the information that they have just burned the caloric value of 22 donuts.

Sports Lab

MultiSport Lab is another novelty at the Winter National. It is a space created for whole families. The kids will trytheir strength in the multimedia fitness test of the Active MultiSport Schools by fighting the monsters from the Galaxy of Stillness. Adults and teenagers will practice VR technology on the ICAROS machine. Seniors and all those interested will be able to check the body composition on special scales, computer-check for posture defects, as well as take advantage of blood pressure measurements and consultations with nutritionists, physiotherapists and personal trainers.

On weekends, MultiSport Lab turns into an exercise space and a place for lectures and workshops to be conducted by experts. Information about the upcoming workshop events along with the registration form is available on the website

The "Disco Ice Rink with 4FUN.TV", the best ice skating event, cannot be missed at the National Winter Festival. The best DJs, competitions and animations will return on Friday and Saturday evenings.

For warming up

After skating, guests can eat something delicious in the food court, have a cup of delicious coffee in the "Winter Cafe by Segafredo", or something warming up in the "Heating Station".

Winter National is not only skates, but also skates and a board, i.e. the Skatepark of the Winter National, which is located in the PGE Narodowy parking lot, on level -4, and an additional zone at -2. It is a place for beginners and advanced riders, children and adults alike. Here you can develop your skills, but also start your adventure with a board, longboard or roller skates and take advantage of many workshops conducted by Skatepark partners. This year, a skate rental company will also start, which was established in cooperation with

The National Winter Festival will last until February 19, 2022.

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