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Picturesque hills, vineyards, promenade and the Old Market Square with charming tenement houses and forests, forests. No, it's not a city in French Burgundy. This is Zielona Góra.

Zielona Góra , located in central-western Poland (only 70 km from the border with Germany), is spread over 7 hills. It has relatively few inhabitants (approx. 120 thousand), but the wide streets and heavy traffic give the impression that it is much larger. Zielona Góra is attractive to tourists all year round. However, it is best to visit it in autumn, when the residents celebrate the Grape Harvest for a week.

Zielona Góra: vineyards in the middle of the city

It is best to start your walk around the "Winny Castle" from the Old Market Square, where the 15th-century Town Hall reigns. Its tower is slightly tilted from the vertical. Today, the market square and the adjacent promenade are mainly pubs, cafes, pizzerias and shops. If a curious tourist venture into the nearby, narrow streets, he will find gems such as the Hunger Tower (or Łazienna, a remnant of medieval city walls), a 12th-century co-cathedral or a century-old yew (800 years!), Still standing in the city center. In spring and summer, the city life focuses mainly on numerous gardens. The tenement houses on the market square and the promenade are renovated and delight with intricate decorations. Wandering along the wide and long promenade (i.e. Żeromskiego Street) and turning right next to the Bohaterów Westerplatte Square, where there is a monument and a fountain, you can walk to the area of ​​Winne Góra. This is the pride of the city. The almost 200-meter hill is covered with vineyards. On the top there is the former Winiarza's House, today turned into a magnificent Palm House, which houses the tallest palm tree in Poland. In the modern and recently expanded palm house, you can try Zielona Góra wine, drink delicious coffee, eat refined dishes and, above all, see about 200 species of tropical plants, see exotic fish and turtles.
Right next to the vineyard, there is the Focus Park, a large shopping mall, located in the historic complex of Polska Wełna factory buildings. Here you can do shopping or watch a movie in the largest multiplex in the Lubuskie Voivodeship.


Zielona Góra: a paradise for winemakers
Zielona Góra is the only city in Poland with such a rich wine tradition. Winny Gród, in the place of a Polish village, was established in the 13th century byresidents of West Germany and Flanders. The settlement was probably granted city rights in 1323. The first grapes were grown here as early as the 13th century. At first, the monks were involved in the cultivation of vines, then most of the town's inhabitants. Zielona Góra vineyards are the northernmost of Europe. Their cultivation is possible thanks to a specific microclimate (winters are short and relatively warm). After World War II, Zielona Góra became part of Poland. Today it is inhabited mainly by repatriates from the East and newcomers from Greater Poland.

Zielona Góra: full "Gęba" culture

Zielona Góra is not only charming tenement houses and vineyards, it is also a university town and the "Cabaret Basin". 18 thousand students study at the University of Zielona Góra. students. Students from Lubusz celebrate their holiday, Bacchanalia, at the turn of May and June. The celebration begins with a procession. Later, concerts and accompanying events are organized for approx. 10 days. For two months (July and August), the Summer of the Muses of All kinds takes place in the city. The summer festival includes exhibitions, concerts, theater performances and a film festival. Every year, Winobranie starts at the beginning of September. The party also begins with a procession, and the president gives Bacchus the keys to the city. For 8 days it is ruled by the god of wine or Bacchus. The wine flows in streams, the promenade turns into a large fair (including antiques), and free concerts are held on numerous stages. The Days of Zielona Góra have been accompanied by the Folklore Festival for many years. Folk groups from all over the world gather then. In early December, the city laughs. Then starts the Cabaret Festival in Zielona Góra, organized by the legends of the cabaret from Zielona Góra. It was in this city that the Polish cabaret revived in the early 1990s. It was during this period that, among others, Then, Ciach and Jurki, associated with the student club "Gęba" (located next to the University), which is still operating today.

Green Mountain in green

Tourists tired of sightseeing can relax in the nearby forests. It is worth taking a walk around the Piast Hills, located near the amphitheater in Zielona Góra. Follow the blue trail to Wilkanowska Mountain. At its top, there is an over 100-year-old fire observation tower. It is built of red brick, the design refers to the tomb of the Ostrogothic king - Theodoric the Great - in Ravenna. It was named after the German Chancellor Bismarck.


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From there, the blue trail continues to the village of Ochla, where there is an open-air museum (you can reach the museum itself via the green trail) and the remains of an 18th-century palace and a palace park. If you don't like walking, you can get on a bike. Forest roads are passable, you just need to prepare for frequent uphill driving.
Also near the amphitheater, at Botaniczna Street, there is, of course, the Botanical Garden. It only opened last year. It is modeled on the pre-war German garden. Today it covers over 2 hectares. It includes, among others pond, rock garden (with plants from the Karkonosze Mountains), also specimens from other continents and utility plants (e.g. herbs). It is open from April 1 to October 31. The ticket costs PLN 2, reduced PLN 1. The machine does not give the change, so you should have a handful of change with you.

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