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The cherry diet will certainly contribute to the improvement of our he alth. 100 g of cherries have about 60 calories. They are 80 percent water, the remaining 20 percent rich in vitamins and minerals. However, it should be remembered to diversify the cherry diet with other, low-calorie products, because the dominance of only one ingredient may make the cherry diet help, for example, to stomach problems. Check how to compose a cherry diet to lose weight quickly and he althily.

Ischerry dietis actuallyslimming diet ? Cherries, although very sweet, do not fatten.

Although fruits contain a lot of calories - 63 kcal / 100 g (almost twice as much as strawberries), but also a large amount of pectin, which not only supports the slimming process, but also has the ability to "catch" cholesterol particles, thus reducing its level and preventing cardiovascular diseases.

In addition, cherries are safe for people with diabetes because they have a low glycemic index (20).

Cherry diet - rules

The cherry diet, like other diets based on the dominance of one ingredient, carries the risk of not providing the body with adequate nutrients necessary for its proper functioning. Therefore, the cherry diet should be used for no longer than 4 days.

Don't do that

Do not wash down cherries with any liquids, especially water or milk. This combination can lead to gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea.

Do not eat cherries before meals, especially those that are hard to digest (e.g. consisting of meat), because these sweet fruits make the digestion process of this type of food more difficult.

It should also be remembered that raw cherries remain in the stomach for a long time, so they should be avoided by people with a sensitive stomach or peptic ulcer disease.

Cherries - are they he althy?

What nutrients does the cherry diet provide?

Cherries are an invaluable source of many vitamins and minerals, making them helpful in treating anemia. Unfortunately, a diet where the only ingredients are cherries can very quickly lead to, among others, to stomach problems. However, ifcherries will be an addition to other, wholesome products, they will certainly have a positive effect on our he alth. Cherries contain:

  • A, C, K, P prevent anemia, strengthen the walls of blood vessels;
  • B vitamins treat diseases of the urinary system, incl. they dissolve kidney stones, reduce the amount of uric acid in the blood, therefore they are recommended for people with gout, they also lower the level of "bad" cholesterol;
  • zinc, selenium and iron strengthen the immune system of the body, and thus contribute to increasing resistance to infections;
  • iodine stimulates the production of thyroid hormones that support the metabolism;
  • potassium and magnesium strengthen the circulatory system;
  • phosphorus and calcium to strengthen bones and teeth;
  • pectins cleanse the intestines and regulate the functioning of the digestive system;
  • flavonoids that neutralize the effects of free radicals and slow down the aging process;
  • ellagic acid, which protects against cancer;
  • tannins (including tannins), which are contained in the stalks of cherries, are used in the form of teas and infusions to treat respiratory and urinary tract infections.

The effects of the cherry diet

  • cleansing the body of toxins,
  • cleansing the large intestine of deposits and improving its peristalsis,
  • strengthening the immune system,
  • firm skin,
  • nourishing the hair follicles.

Cherry diet - breakfast

For breakfast, you can prepare a nutritious and dietary omelette with oat bran and cherries.

Cherry diet - lunch

Summer is the best time to savor the taste of dietary cottage cheese dumplings with cherries. You can also prepare a soup with lemon and cloves from these delicious fruits. If you are on a diet, you can eat cherries as a substitute for your dinner dish. Remember, however, that such a cleansing diet cannot last longer than 2 days.

Cherry diet - dinner

For dinner, you can prepare a salad with cherries, ricotta cheese and chili with a cherry vinaigrette.

This will be useful to you

Nutritional values ​​of cherries (in 100 g)Energy value - 63 kcal Total protein - 1.06 g Fat - 0.20 g Carbohydrates - 16.01 g (including simple sugars 12.82 g) Fiber - 2.1 gVitaminsVitamin C - 7.0 mg Thiamine - 0.027 mg Riboflavin - 0.033 mg Niacin - 0.154 mg Vitamin B6 - 0.049 mg Folic acid - 4 µg Vitamin A - 64 IU Vitamin E - 0.07 mg Vitamin K - 2.1 µgMineralsCalcium - 13 mg Iron - 0.36 mg Magnesium - 11 mg Phosphorus - 21 mg Potassium -222 mg Zinc - 0.07 mg Data source: USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference

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