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Runmageddon invites parents with children to take part in the new Runmageddon Family formula. On July 7 this year. in Gliwice, Silesian families as well as children and parents who travel around Poland after the extreme event will be able to try their hand at going through the routes of the family Runmageddon together.

- It is amazing that parents more and more often infect their children with their passion for Runmageddon, which is why we decided to invite parents and children to start together in Gliwice. It will be an adventure for them, full of challenges and emotions. They will cover our extreme route together - says Jaro Bieniecki, President of Runmageddon.

Runmageddon families

In Runmageddon, more and more little daredevils compete each year. Adults who undertake extreme challenges on a regular basis declare their willingness to infect their children with the bug and encourage them to take the full adventure Runmageddon Kids or Junior route. With runmageddon families in mind, the organizer of the run decided to organize the first Runmageddon Family in Gliwice.

The parent and their offspring will be able to face a two-kilometer route bristling with 15 obstacles. Some of them will be taken from the routes for adults and dedicated to parents, others, those from the Runmageddon Kids formula, will be overcome by children. Some of them can be tackled together. Runmageddon Family will be a great opportunity to cheer, joint, integrating competition, which will provide a lot of positive emotions.

Phenomenal weekend in Gliwice

Runmageddon Gliwice will take place on the first weekend of July, in a place with a truly sports spirit, i.e. Arena Gliwice. Thanks to the hospitality of Gliwice, runmageddonians and inhabitants of Silesia will be able to spend a phenomenal weekend full of adventure and sports challenges.

Registrations for participation in Runmageddon are available at:

People who decide to start have a choice of 5 formulas. Adults and teenagers over 16, but with the personal consent of their parents, can overcome the following formulas: Intro (3 km and 15 obstacles), Recruit (6 km and 30 obstacles). Families can sign up for the Runmageddon Family. Children aged 4-11 will face Runmageddon Kids (1 km and 10 obstacles). Youth between 12-15 yearslife will be able to take the challenge of overcoming Runmageddon Junior (2 km and 15 obstacles).

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