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Diet for a flat stomach is not complicated. You just have to choose the recommended products, avoiding forbidden products. However, a flat stomach diet alone is not enough, and it is also necessary to introduce exercises for a flat stomach into your daily life. What diet works for a flat stomach?

Diet for a flat stomachdoes not require special sacrifices, although of course you should avoid fatty, sweet, bloating foods. Remember, however, that exercises for a flat stomach are necessary - without them, the bestdiet for a flat stomachis not enough.

Diet for a flat stomach: basic rules

  • drink yoghurts with live bacteria cultures - they balance the intestinal flora by limiting gas production, and also prevent bloating and constipation
  • avoid heavily s alted foods (they keep water in the body)
  • do not use fluffing vegetables (e.g. beans, peas, broad beans, cabbage, onions)
  • do not drink carbonated drinks (carbon dioxide inflates the stomach),
  • avoid sucking caramels and chewing gum (you swallow a lot of air then)
  • remember about herbs that accelerate digestion and relieve gas - incl. marjoram, mustard, pepper
  • drink infusions of mint, chamomile, dill; if you are prone to gas, take soothing preparations (e.g. Espumisan, Boldo vera, Esputicon).

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Diet for a flat stomach: changes in the menu

  • Therefore, reduce the amount of carbohydrates (sugar, sweets, cakes, wheat flour, white bread, pasta, fruit and fruit juices) and fats.
  • Increase the amount of products containing fiber (coarse-grain bread, groats, dark pasta, brown rice, oatmeal, raw vegetables).
  • Your protein source should be primarily cooked orgrilled lean meat or fish.
  • Eat small amounts 4-5 times a day so that the interval between meals does not exceed 3 hours.
  • It is best to schedule meals at the same time.
  • Provide the body with at least 6-8 glasses of non-carbonated mineral water every day.


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