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Power combo is an hour-long strength training using your own body weight. POWER COMBO is aerobic exercise combined with stretching and a proper diet. The exercises are very engaging and very tiring because of the intensity and pace, and one hour of training involves only very short 20-second breaks.

POWER COMBO - why is it becoming more and more popular?

Changes in the shape of the body are visible after a month of intense exercisePOWER COMBO . The greatest visual effects are visible on the abdomen in the thighs, but the general condition of the body also clearly changes. The participants of the Power Combo classes say that it is not only exercise, but a lifestyle. One of the people involved in Power Combo is actress Joanna Jabłczyńska.

Why practice a power combo?

Power combo is about overcoming your own limits. A murderous impression that gives energy and works on the figure as well as a balanced diet. This method is for those who consider exercise a way to stay he althy.

Summer challenge - one of the projects of the Warsaw power combo studio

The project consists in shaping the figure before summer. The 16-week program includes, in addition to regular power combo exercises, an individual training program, nutrition guidelines and progress monitoring. The assumptions are very restrictive, and there is a risk of non-compliance with yellow cards. Breaking one of them may even result in exclusion from the continuation of joint exercises. Despite the serious restrictions that each participant has to impose, the summer challenge is popular, and there are more than places willing to participate.

POWER COMBO - how to practice on your own?

Training is varied. Activity is to improve metabolism, body shape and body efficiency.

Sample set of exercises (series 1):

  1. rest your outstretched arms on the ground (as for push-ups), alternately jump forward with your legs at the sprint pace (do 40 times);
  2. bends to the side, one leg is kneeling (10 bends for each leg);
  3. support yourself sideways with one hand and lift your hips (10 for each hand);
  4. 15 pocket knives.

40 seconds of jumping rope are recommended between each series.

Benefits ofpracticing power combo

  • Improving appearance (flat, muscular stomach, strong thighs);
  • Increase the range of motion;
  • Improving condition;
  • Improving blood circulation;
  • Achieving a state of psychophysical equilibrium;
  • Increasing muscle flexibility.

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