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Fit Matka Wariatka, i.e. Joanna Kajstura, is one of the most popular personal trainers in Poland. She conducts online broadcasts of the exercises she suggests, and has also published a book. Fit Mother Madman emphasizes, however, that she is much different from Ewa Chodakowska or Anna Lewandowska. Read what the difference is, what exercises Fit Madam Mother offers and what their effects are!

Fit Mad Madonna , i.e. Joanna Kajstura, as she points out, respects the most famous Polish personal trainers and considers them quite lucky with velvety skin free of cellulite. However, she also claims that she is completely different from them: on a post-workout selfie she looks like a "trampled lettuce", for breakfast she simply eats a cheese sandwich, and when she has to get up at 5 in the morning, she doesn't even think about putting on perfect makeup.

Just a few years ago, Fit Mother Crazy was able to sit eight hours at the computer, and physical activity was alien to her. That changed when one day she decided to buy herself a new pair of pants: she says that her own reflection in the mirror (especially too big thighs and a solid layer of "orange peel") scared her so much that there was no postponement for tomorrow - she started practicing immediately . She devoted herself to them so much that she finished the fitness instructor and strength sports instructor courses, because "the gym is her number one". Joanna Kajstura is also the author of the book "All this brothel. Fit Mother Madman".

Fit Crazy Mother wants to help women regain not only a good figure, but above all self-confidence and faith in their own abilities (but not only because men also exercise with her), regardless of age. First of all, those who run from home to school or work on a daily basis and vice versa, and do not have time to cook fancy dishes or exercise at the gym. Fit Mad Madonna is a woman like many in Poland: busy, not long ago devoting her time mainly to work or family, yet "with a figure without a fraction of a perfect figure". Fit Crazy Mother shoots videos of her exercises at home, so we can often admire a cat walking on furniture in the kitchen or expect a break in training when Joanna's dog decides to sit on her lap.

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Fit Crazy Mother: exercises

Undoubtedly, the exercise offer proposed by Fit Mother Crazy is wide: in the films we will see Joanna training with obese and disabled people or with seniors who bravely keep up with her pace. In some of the films with Fit Mother Crazy, her husband's friend, Tadeusz, who is 120 kg, also exercises. However, most of her exercises by Fit Madam Madam are aimed at women who want to slim their figure. So we have training for fat reduction, exercises for the abdomen and buttocks, and for slim thighs.

1. Examples of exercises for Fit Mother Madwoman for a flat stomach:

  • side board,
  • bicycle crunches,
  • knee supports with bending one leg and swinging upwards,
  • plank push-up on hands,
  • raising the spine.

2. Examples of exercises by Fit Madness Mother for firm buttocks:

  • trips,
  • pulse squat,
  • raising the hips with straightened lower limb,
  • lunges in a propped kneeling,
  • raising the legs in the front support on the forearms.

3. Examples of Fit Mother Madman exercises for slender thighs:

  • jump squat,
  • skipping leg lunges,
  • burpees,
  • backward leg swing,
  • lunges.

Fit Mother Madwoman training for a flat stomach

Watch the video in which Fit Crazy Mother presents exercises for a flat stomach!

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Diet Fit Madness Mother

Fit Crazy Mother, like other trainers, emphasizes that exercise must be accompanied by a proper diet. However, he calls rational eating a diet, and not following specific guidelines. According to Fit Matka Madki, eating 3-5 small meals a day from generally available products, not specially imported seeds or fruit, will work best. Food, however, is not meant to be gluttonous, but to keep you he althy, so if you allow yourself a hamburger, it's better than one than six and only once a week.

Effects of exercises with Fit Mother Crazy

Fit Crazy Mother emphasizes that if, for example, she proposes a 10-minute belly workout, you don't have to do it all at once ( although you should always warm up and stretch). What's more - everyone can exercise at their own pace, which can also be seen in her videos, where two people exercise as much as they can.

Fanki Fit Madam Moms, however, emphasize that exercising with her allof the proposed exercises is demanding and brings the expected results: reduction of body fat and cellulite, slender thighs and calves, a flatter stomach and firmer buttocks.

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