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Fitness with a barbell (body pump, magic bar) is an easier version of strength training, which is dedicated primarily to women and beginners. Classes are held with an instructor and are led to dynamic music, which gives the rhythm of the exercises and facilitates bench press. Check what body pump and magic bar classes look like and find out what effects you can get thanks to them.

Body pump and magic barare classesfitnesswith the use of barbells conducted to rhythmic music. The training consists in performing popular weight-bearing exercises (squats with a barbell, pressing the barbell while standing, lying down, etc.) according to the choreography shown by the instructor. The sequences of movements are arranged in such a way as to strengthen all parts of the body one by one. Particular emphasis is placed on the thighs, buttocks, arms and shoulders.

The purpose of the body pump and magic bar is to strengthen the muscles and shape the body. A side effect of exercise is the loss of calories - one hour of classes allows you to burn about 400-800 kcal depending on the selected load and individual parameters.

Body pump and magic bar - what are the classes like?

Body pump and magic bar classes are conducted in a group and last 55-60 minutes in total. At the beginning, each participant receives a barbell with plates weighing 5 kg, 2.5 kg and 1.25 kg. The weight is selected individually depending on your level of advancement. In the first class, you can practice with the bar only and gradually increase the load as you progress.

It is worth noting that the barbells used for the magic bar and body pump differ from those traditionally used in the gym. The neck is covered with a non-slip material, and the colorful plates have ergonomic handles (some exercises are performed with the plates only, without the pole). The size of the load can be easily changed during training, not only depending on your abilities, but also on the currently trained muscle part.

During the classes, the instructor shows the exercises that make up the choreography on an ongoing basis. A different muscle group is trained for each song (usually 8). Short breaks are made between the pieces, during which the correct exercise technique is recalled, aparticipants have the option to change the load. One choreography is valid for 3 months, thanks to which the participants have time to master the technique. The instructor then shows the new choreography that everyone learns from scratch.

Body pump and magic bar - exercises

The exercises performed during the body pump and magic bar include:

  • squats with a barbell (engages the muscles of the thighs and buttocks)
  • barbell rowing (engages the back, trapezius and parallelogram muscles)
  • press the bar while lying on the steppe (pectoral and shoulder muscles)
  • bending the arms with the barbell (biceps muscles of the arms)
  • French Press (triceps arm muscles)
  • Limited range of motion deadlifts (back, thigh and gluteal muscles)

Body pump and magic bar - effects

The body pump and magic bar training method consists in lifting light or medium-sized weights several hundred times during one class - an average of 800 repetitions. Such an exercise regimen (less weight, more repetitions) does not build muscle mass, but primarily increases muscle endurance and overall efficiency of the body. Ladies can therefore be calm that fitness with barbells will not build up their figure excessively. The muscles subjected to such training become long, slender and sculpted, not "inflated". The body is firmer, smoother and cellulite is eliminated.

Other effects that can be obtained by exercising with barbells are:

  • loss of kilograms (you can burn up to 800 kcal during one class, and due to the fact that after the training is finished, the metabolism is still at a high level, the fat reduction process extends up to several hours)
  • increase muscle strength
  • improved aerobic capacity
  • strengthening bones and joints
  • improved body stability
  • increasing motor coordination
  • increase in energy and general improvement in well-being

Body pump and magic bar - who are they for?

Fitness with barbells is intended for every he althy adult, regardless of their level of advancement. Women can benefit most from the classes, because the body pump and magic bar sensationally firm and shape the entire figure, especially places particularly prone to fat accumulation: thighs, buttocks, abdomen and arms.

This training is also perfect for men who would like to lose weight and get their body used to weight-bearing exercises. However, it will not give the desired effects to those men who are counting on expansionmuscle tissue or they already have experience in training with a barbell in the gym.

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