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Circuit training at home can be as effective as in the gym. The circuit training plan includes a series of exercises for all parts of the body, which at the same time shape the figure, strengthen endurance and slim down. It is an alternative to split workouts and Full Body Workout. Learn about two sample circuit training plans - one that you can do at home and the other for the gym.

Circuit trainingcan be doneat homeorat the gym . The circuit training plan assumes that the exercises are selected in such a way as to stimulate all muscle groups to work. We repeat each exercise about 10 times, and then move on to the next one without taking a break. After completing the full circuit, rest for 2 to 4 minutes and repeat the whole process 2 to 5 times.

Find out about some examples of circuit training plans that you will do at home or at the gym. The author of the training plans is Tomasz Piotrowski, a fitness trainer.


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  3. How often do you do circuit training?
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Home Circuit Training Plan

Due to the home conditions, we have to exercise our own body weight. This is not a bad solution. Following the principle "your body is your best training equipment", you can have very effective training sessions.

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  • 30 seconds rompers,
  • 30 seconds skip A,
  • 30 seconds skip C,
  • 30 second boxing run.

Then dynamic stretching and arm circles.

Training:we perform from 2 to 5 circuits, depending on the degree of training and the agreed training intensity. The break between the individual circuits should not be longer than 3 minutes.

Descriptions of individual exercises can be found under the table.

Home circuit trainingRepetitions
1.jump squat10
4.lunges with a twist10
5.Australian pull-ups or pull-ups10
6.push-ups on the bars (dips)10
7.russian twister20

1. Squat with jump

The first exercise worth doing is the jump squat - the classic squat that ends with a jump when going up. A great exercise for leg muscles that allows you to build their strength and dynamics.

2. Burpees

The next ones are the so-called burpees, i.e. fall-rise. An exercise that most people hate and fall in love with when they see its effects. We start in a standing position doing a propped half-squat, then throw our legs back, do a push-up, stand up and jump up. Exercise is so effective because it engages practically the whole body and forces a large energy supply.

3. Pushups

The next exercise is classic push-ups that can be modified as you see fit. Performed with a clap, they will be a great dynamic exercise. In a narrow position of the hands, we will involve the triceps more. There are so many varieties of push-ups that it is difficult to count them all, which makes this exercise so versatile.

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4. Lunges with a twist

It is also worth making lunges with a twist on the legs. In this exercise, we lunge forward by going down to kneel on one leg. However, the knee does not touch the ground, we stop the movement just above it. We keep our hands straight in front of us all the time. Then we turn the torso towards the front leg. We return to the starting position and repeat the movement with the other leg.

5. Pull-ups

When you have a bar at home, you must include pull-ups in your training. Its alternative may beAustralian pull-ups , i.e. rowing with the weight of your own body. Performed like a reverse pump. We need to find a bar or a strong brush stick, which we can place, for example, on two chairs. We walk under it, holding it with our hands on outstretched arms. The position is exactly the same as for an inverted push-up. The movement also resembles a push-up, except that instead of squeezing, we pull our body to the bar.

6. Push-ups on the rails (Swedish push-ups, dips)

Do not forget about the arms, for which the so-called Swedish push-up is a great exercise,be dips. Sit down with your legs straightened next to the chair so that you can rest your hands behind your body on the seat. Then we rise up straightening our elbows and lower ourselves back down.

7. Russian twist

The last exercise is the Russian twister. Perfect exercise for the abdominal muscles. They are performed in a balanced sitting position. Our task is to make strong turns of the torso to the left and then to the right.

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Circuit training plan at the gym

Circuit training in the gym can be performed in a much more demanding way. In this example plan, we will focus on multi-joint exercises that will work best for strength building.

Warming up:it is worth starting with 10 minutes of light jogging on the treadmill, then move on to mobilizing exercises and dynamic stretching. Only after such preparation of the body, you can start the proper training.

Training:the interval between circuits should be 3 to 5 minutes. During this time, not only will your heart rate drop, but your body will also get some rest. Make 3 to 4 circuits.

Circuit training at the gymRepetitions
squat with a barbell on your back10
chin-up on the stick with overhand10
bench press10
classic deadlift10
standing bench press10
barbell rowing down to the belly button10
push-ups on the bars (dips)10
bending the forearms with a barbell while standing10

In the case of circuit training in the gym, it is important to choose the right load. You should not overestimate your abilities, especially in the initial phase of training. Better to have a certain reserve than to hurt yourself or not be able to move on the second day.

This will be useful to you

How often do you do circuit training?

During the week, you should do 2 to 3 circuit workouts with a break of at least one day in between. Each session should end with cool down exercises, i.e. cooling down the body. In this case, it is worth doing static stretching and rolling with a roller or lacrosse ball.


Circuit training can be performed virtually anywhere.It requires a little imagination and setting the exercises for a specific purpose. People practicing martial arts have been using it for a long time, now there is a chance that you will also gain the efficiency and strength of warriors. With the right intensity, you will also burn a lot of calories, which will directly contribute to reducing fat. Time won't be an excuse anymore.

About the authorTomasz Piotrowski He is a certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist. He gained his knowledge from the best experts in the fitness industry in Poland. He has several years of experience working as a dietitian in a private facility in Krakow and experience in working as a personal trainer. He also writes expert articles on he alth, training and supplementation, and works in the supplement industry. He is passionate about fist fencing.

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