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DEYNN, or Marita Surma, is a social media star who, together with her fiancé - Daniel Majewski - promotes an active lifestyle, developing, among others, original training plans. Learn about Deynn's favorite exercises and their effects, and check out her recipe for a Diet Chicken Salad!

Deynn , i.e.Marita Surmastarted her adventure with the Internet by posting outfits made of hand-made clothes from second-hand shops on her blog, She also made fit recipes available on her website. Today, Deynn is one of the biggest Polish social media stars: her Snapchat account is in the 5 most popular profiles on this platform every year, and she is followed on Facebook by over 400,000. fans, while Instagram has a million of them.

Who is Deynn?

Deynn comes from Świdwin, lives in Poznań at the age of 19. She graduated from high school for adults and started her blog around the same time. She became interested in a he althy lifestyle, she went to the gym, where she met her fiancé - Daniel Majewski - a personal trainer. From that moment on, their careers took off: the couple prepare training and diet plans for their clients, run a YouTube channel together, where they present their favorite exercises, present fit recipes and advise on how to live a he althy life.

The metamorphosis of Deynn has also become famous, which after meeting Majewski changed beyond recognition: she turned from an ordinary girl into a sex bomb after many plastic surgeries, to which she openly admits. She also emphasizes that now exercise and he althy eating are an important part of her daily routine. Meet some of them!

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Worth knowing

Deynn warm-up

The Deynn warm-up always consists of three elements, no matter which muscle group you are working on:

  • a short warm-up on a treadmill, cross trainer or stairs;
  • stretching the part of muscles that will be practiced in a given training (e.g. muscles of the legs, abdomen or buttocks);
  • initial muscle fatigue without loads.

The warm-up takes no more than 15-20 minutes. Also, remember to carry out a cool down after each training, i.e. calming down and relaxing your muscles.

Deynn exercises for a flat stomach

Deynn presents his favorite exercises on his blog, which he also considers the most effective in achieving the desired effect: strengthened legs, firm buttocks or a flat and muscular abdomen. Among the favorite Deynn exercises for the stomach are:

  • crunches,
  • scissors,
  • bike,
  • classic pushups,
  • classic squats,
  • plank.

See Deynn's favorite buttock exercises on video:

If you want firm buttocks, Deynn recommends the following exercises:

  • lifting the hips while lying on the ball,
  • judgments,
  • bends,
  • squats on the Smith machine - version with joined legs and sumo position,
  • to push the leg backwards from the pulley,
  • alternating and as high as possible alternating swings of the straightened right and left leg from kneeling with support.

Deynn leg exercises

Here are the leg exercises Deynn is putting into his training plan. They are:

  • weighted lunges,
  • pressing on the crane,
  • squat with a barbell held at the back,
  • straightening legs on the machine while sitting,
  • straight legs deadlift,
  • steps on your toes.

What are the effects of Deynn exercises?

Deynn does not hide that he likes to work out in the gym and does not want to only achieve a slim figure, but also sculpt muscles. The exercises that he proposes bring results primarily in the form of extended lower body parts: strong thighs and firm buttocks. By exercising with Deynn, you will also clearly outline your abdominal muscles and develop strong hands. Deynn workouts very often have to be done in the gym, it is not rather a homebody training.

This will be useful to you

Deynn's Recipe for a Fit Chicken Salad


  • chicken tenderloins - approx. 20 pieces;
  • salad mix (Chinese cabbage, lolo rosso, radicchio, escarola, spinach, frisée);
  • garlic;
  • fresh basil leaves;
  • lemon;
  • chili pepper;
  • s alt;
  • pepper;
  • spices (you can use all of them or choose your favorite ones): rosemary, oregano, sweet pepper (instead of hot chili pepper), green tartar;
  • olive oil with chili and garlic.

Preparation method:

PrepareTenderloin: wash it, cut off any sticking out veins, films and fat. Drain and place on a baking tray or large plate. Then pour olive oil on the tenderloins, squeeze the garlic through the press, and sprinkle the chicken with lemon juice. Add herbs and spices, then mix everything thoroughly. Add a few leaves of fresh basil and chilli peppers with seeds (if you don't like spicy food, give up the seeds or replace the chillies with a pinch of sweet or hot pepper). Put the marinated meat in the hot pan and fry for 3 minutes on each side. Add the tomato and feta cheese to the lettuce mix. Mix the lettuce and meat on the plate - it's ready!

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