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Almost 3 million Poles exercise in fitness clubs. But are they doing it the right way? What are the real motivations of the exercisers? Are we ashamed to ask an instructor for help? What is the real atmosphere in fitness clubs? An unexpected look at being fit brings the report "How he althy do Poles exercise".

In Poland, 2.91 million people exercise in fitness clubs, according to the report "The European He alth and Fitness Market 2022" prepared by Deloitte. How they exercise and what motivates them, and what are the fear of those who have not yet started their adventure with the gym - it has not been known so far. 800 people from all over Poland were surveyed. The results are surprising!

"They judge you from all sides"

Due to the atmosphere of evaluating and comparing oneself, every 4th Pole experiences a blockade against training in clubs. Is it right? Unfortunately, such opinions are shared equally by people who attended clubs and resigned. What's more, as many as 25% of regular exercisers believe that in these places "everyone compares and judges from all sides".

Almost every third frequent visitor meets mocking looks at the club. As many as 21% of them have felt that they do not fit this place due to the lack of designer clothes.

At the same time, although Poles like to be perceived as tolerant, almost every fifth regular visitor does not like the view of overweight people in the club. How could it be otherwise, since with the statement that there is nothing wrong with the fact that an overweight person comes to training, only half of Poles agree, who neither go to the clubs nor have they ever visited.

You cannot rest!

As many as 43% of frequent visitors to fitness clubs or gyms say that they sometimes overtrain in the name of achieving a perfect figure. Almost every third person using this type of place thinks that when someone comes to the club and does not give their best, it is a pointless waste of time. A similar percentage believe that their progress is too slow.

The pressure of effects, the fear of being someone inferior or the constant pursuit of a perfect figure are also confirmed in other declarations. Almost every 3rd person is often compared with other exercisers. And only 55% of frequent visitors let themselves rest when they lose their strength.

Exercise increases your self-confidence

Not surprisingindicating he alth motivation in the context of exercise. An interesting conclusion, however, is that Poles approach their mental he alth more and more consciously. About two-thirds of exercisers believe that exercise helps reduce stress and counteracts sickness and depression. Active people also indicate a positive effect on the sense of self-confidence.

People exercising in the club seem to be more satisfied with their lives. More than 40% like themselves. This is 3 times more compared to people who do not exercise. On the other hand, in the same comparison, almost 7 times more people feel that other people like it.

No more pressure

The conclusions of the research are alarming. While a significant proportion of exercisers are aware of the benefits of physical activity, generally in our society there is a lot of resistance and blockages related to exercising in a club or gym. What is especially worrying, the feelings from such places do not help.

- In our clubs, the most important thing has always been that everyone should feel "at home" - says Magdalena Rodak-Dębowska from Zdrofit - Nobody pays attention to their curves, appearance or material status. We know, however, that such a problem exists in Poland. We say: stop judging, worshiping the perfect figure and harmful pressure. Let's practice for ourselves, not for others.

The summary of the research is available on the website:

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