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Callanetics in the 1980s was hailed as a sport that works miracles. Not without a reason, because one hour of callanetics classes gives the same results as 20 hours spent in aerobics. Why today you can find callanetics only in a few offers of fitness clubs?

In the 1980s, almost everyone exercised with Callan Pinckney, the author of the method. An hour-long training on videotapes made callanetics spread practically all over the world. The sport, which was popular several decades ago, suddenly lost its popularity, and only a small group of fans remained faithful to it.

Callan Pinckney had he alth problems with her hips since childhood, which prevented her from attending fitness classes. So she decided to arrange her own training, which was to relieve the joints and spine. The assumption of the exercises was to achieve maximum effects with a relatively small amount of movement. This is how one of the most famous trainings in the world was created.

Training callanetics quickly burns fat, shapes muscles and eliminates troublesome cellulite. The exercises involve all the muscles that are contracted for a specific number of seconds, resulting in stronger and more endurance. For many people, the advantage of callanetics is also that the exercises are not physically exhausting.

Why is callanetics, despite the fact that it is he althy and the effects are very fast, not appreciated?

The objection that many people have tried callaneticsu is that the exercises are monotonous, and for some even boring. Repeatability, holding for 50 or 100 seconds in one position is not very attractive for a generation of people brought up in a rapidly changing reality. Today, fast, dynamic Zumba and other workouts with music are much more popular.

To put it mildly, callanetics has ceased to impress with its form. The second reason for the decline in interest was the long-term problem with reaching the instructional videos.

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Callanetics exercises on videotapes:

1. Callanetics: 10 Years Younger In 10 Hours - first callanetics training;

2. Quick Callanetics: Stomach, Legs, Hips and Behind - 3 sets of 20-minute workouts for different parts of the body;

3. Beginning Callanetics -callanetics for beginners;

4. Super Callanetics - callanetics for advanced users;

5. AM / PM Callanetics - the entire training divided into two parts, which allows you to save time.

Does callanetics have a chance to come back and delight again those who are looking for effective training?

The renewed interest in training has already begun. After a dozen or so years of break, re-editions of popular exercises have been released on DVD. Rediscovered, they start to attract people who dream of a slim figure, but do not like long and exhausting workouts with popular trainers. Even if the reason for the return of callanetics to the training rooms is the fashion for vintage, it's still good that these great exercises have a chance to survive a second youth.

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