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Structural diet by dr. Bardadine is - as its author argues - a specific lifestyle, thanks to which you not only lose weight, but also cleanse the body of toxins and lower your biological age by up to 15 years. Principles of the structural diet of dr. Bardadin are very simple, incl. because you do not need to count calories while using it. What is Dr. The Bardadyna brand and how much weight can you lose on it?

Dr. Bardadynais a weight loss program in which you do not need to count calories. It is based on supplementing or replacing meals with structural products, i.e. those that provide the maximum nutritional value and the minimum amount of calories at the same time.

Structural diet by dr. Bardadyna - who is it for?

Structural dietworks not only during a slimming treatment. The diet proposed by Dr. Bardadin is intended for anyone who feels the need to regenerate the body. A dietitian also recommends it in the prevention and treatment of civilization diseases, including hypertension, atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, depression and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Structural diet by dr. Bardadyn - rules

The principles of Dr. Bardadynare very simple. When using it, you do not need to count calories, but only consume specific products from the list of structural products, which include they accelerate the metabolism and cleanse the body of toxins. You should also drink the "elixir of youth" prepared by a dietitian at least once a day.

Structural diet by dr. Bardadyna - recommended products

During the slimming treatment, Dr. Bardadyn recommends consuming natural products with the maximum content of the most valuable nutrients and minimum caloric value. As the dietitian convinces, the use of this type of products accelerates the regeneration and rejuvenation processes of the body.

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Dr. Bardadin - what can you eat? Recommended products list

According to Dr. Bardadine, a diet based on the following products, strengthens the body's structures, accelerates the process of removing toxins from the body, and also helps to normalize the body weight.Products recommended by a dietitian should constitute at least 2/3 of the daily menu.

  • Cereal products : whole grain bread, buckwheat, millet, wheat germ, wholemeal pasta, sugar-free muesli, wheat and oat bran, oatmeal, brown and wild rice, wheat germ.
  • Vegetables : broccoli, Brussels sprouts, beetroot, onion, chicory, garlic, cauliflower, cabbage, carrots, olives, peppers, parsley, tomatoes, watercress, radish, lettuce, spinach , potatoes.
  • Fruits : pineapple, avocado, bananas, lemons, figs, grapefruits, apples, black berries, kiwi, raspberries, apricots, oranges, black currants, plums, strawberries, grapes , cherries, cranberries.
  • Nuts and seeds : almonds, sunflower seeds, Brazil nuts, cashews, hazelnuts, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sesame, linseed.
  • Protein products : beans, peas, eggs, yoghurt, kefir, chicken, salmon, hake, pollock, trout, lentils, soybeans, sole, herring, tofu (soy ), tuna, veal liver and poultry.
  • Fats : butter, olive oil, rapeseed and linseed oil.
  • Drinks : green tea, red tea, cocoa, soy milk, natural vegetable and fruit juices, horsetail infusion, birch juice, red wine, mineral water.
  • Other : dark chocolate, brewer's yeast, cane molasses.

The names of the products underlined are, in the opinion of dr. Bardadyn is the most valuable product that cannot be missing from a he althy diet of modern people.

"Elixirs of youth" by dr. Bardadyna - cocktails in a structural diet

"Elixirs of youth" by dr. Bardadyna are cocktails composed of carefully selected structural products. As Dr. Bardadyn argues - cocktails have a positive effect on the improvement of he alth and well-being and reduce the risk of civilization diseases. The dietitian suggests that everyone should choose a cocktail that best suits the needs of the body.

  • cherry - rejuvenating, anti-wrinkle, restoring skin density, initiating the formation of collagen
  • purple - strengthening eyesight and blood vessels
  • green - improving metabolism, slimming
  • orange - strengthening, supplementing vitamins and minerals

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Structural diet by dr. Bardadyna - effects

After completing the structural diet, the skin condition should improve. The structure of the bone and joint system, muscles and vessels should also be strengthenedblood vessels. After completing the treatment, you should expect an improvement in blood counts, normalization of blood glucose levels, lowering the concentration of bad cholesterol with a simultaneous increase in the good HDL fraction.

Structural diet by dr. Bardadin - how much weight can you lose on it?

According to Dr. Bardadyn, a person who adheres to the principles of slimming treatment can lose 1 to 4 kg per week.

Who is the creator of the structural diet - Dr. Bardadyn?

Dr. Marek Bardadyn is an iridologist - a doctor of alternative medicine who reads body diseases from his eyes. In addition, he deals with the development of diets and programs that improve metabolism and promote weight loss. Its help is used by people from all over the world, incl. from Arab Countries, especially from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain.

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