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Mass diet for a man is designed to support the effects of strength training and accelerate muscle building. That is why the number of meals, their volume and the relationship between their composition and the time of consumption are so important in a diet for mass. What are the rules of the weight loss diet? How should the diet for mass be composed for a man? Here are 10 tips from dietitian Mikołaj Choroszyński.

Mass diet for a manwill be effective only if you combine it with training and follow its rules with the utmost consistency. What are therules of the weight loss diet ? How should the diet for mass be composed for a man?

Here are 10 tips that will help you quickly notice the results of your efforts if you follow them. At the end of the article, you will find a 3-day menu for muscle mass that complements the following rules.

1. Eat!

If you don't build a house without bricks, you won't build a mass without a caloric surplus. There is no other option, you must provide energy with food.

Therefore, to build muscle mass, get to know your caloric needs. Increase caloric content byapproximately 10% . Don't go crazy, because it can translate into faster fat storage in the abdominal area. Optimal nutrient breakdown is20% protein, 30% fat, 50% carbohydrate . This is a safe standard for any beginner. Slight modifications can be made over time. However, the values ​​should not significantly differ from the norms mentioned above.

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Sources of nutrients in a weight-loss diet

  • carbohydrates - this is the main source and the best absorbed source of energy for working muscles. The body uses little oxygen to burn them, which is of great importance during training, while during exercise, the body often performs anaerobic work - speed and strength. Bet on pasta, buckwheat, whole grain bread, rice, oatmeal.
  • wholesome protein - a diet for mass cannot do without it, because it is an ingredient that builds muscles. Too little protein in the diet can lead to loss of muscle mass. The best source of protein is meat - preferably lean (poultry, lean beef, sirloin), fish, milk anddairy products (yoghurt, kefir, cheese) and eggs.
  • fat - put us with the best quality fats, i.e. unrefined vegetable oils - olive oil, linseed oil, fatty fish.
  • vegetables and fruits - are a source of minerals and vitamins with antioxidant properties.

2. Eat breakfast

The morning dose of energy and nutrients will nourish the body after an overnight fast. Make breakfast colorful and valuable. Stimulate the body with a large injection of energy. Thanks to this, you will lower your morning high cortisol levels, and ingredients such as vitamins and minerals will be very well absorbed into the bloodstream.

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3. Eat dinner

After a hard day with the last dish, top up the calorific value to the assumed level. Also, make sure you have a source of valuable protein. Try not to eat 2 hours before bedtime. You may not feel the difference, but your body does. Calmly, the protein eaten for dinner will be digested for at least 6 hours. A night fasting will additionally improve insulin sensitivity before breakfast.

4. Eat protein in at least 3 meals a day

As I mentioned in the previous point, protein takes a long time to digest. So there is no need to eat large amounts of it at every meal. This can unnecessarily increase the caloric content beyond the established limit. It is worth, however, that a valuable source of protein should appear in at least 3 meals evenly distributed throughout the day.The recommended amount of protein per meal in the weight diet is 30-50 g . The optimal solution is to spread the entire protein pool at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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5. Don't skip vegetables and fruits

It is a key element of any diet, including weight loss diets.Take 5 servings of vegetables and 2 servings of fruit throughout the day . Choose the ones with different colors. The colors indicate the biologically active compounds they contain. Everyone works in a slightly different way, but they all have a positive effect on the body. If you don't have time to play in the kitchen, feel free to use frozen foods. Eat fruit raw as a snack. They are perfect just before or immediately after training, giving a boost of energy and replenishing electrolytes.

Note:at the time of writingof this article, a supplement that replaces the substances contained in fruit has not yet been invented. The absorption of vitamins and minerals from supplementation is sometimes zero!

6. Eat he althy fats

Fats are essential for the body. Also known as vitamin T. In a diet for muscle mass, they are an important element because they directly participate in the synthesis of anabolic hormones.

The group of compounds called fats is extensive. It consists of many different substances. Therefore, take care of various sources of fat in your diet. The best are extra virgin olive oil, unrefined rapeseed oil, nuts, pips and seeds, fatty sea fish, egg yolks, and butter. However, avoid refined and refined fats such as oils (universal, sunflower or rapeseed). Make sure you have at least a handful of nuts or seeds on your menu every day.

7. Provide energy from carbohydrates

There are low-carbohydrate and high-fat methods, but as I mentioned at the beginning - the vast majority of people will not get optimal results from them. Therefore, the main energy for working muscles should be carbohydrates. Use their low-processed sources such as groats, rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, whole grains, pulses and fruit. They provide not only energy, but also vitamins, minerals and biologically active compounds. In addition, they are rich in fiber, which is crucial for the efficiently functioning intestinal microflora, and a he althy intestine affects the body's hormonal balance. This translates into less stress, less inflammation, which is an ideal growing environment.

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8. Drink water

Muscle is approximately 75% water!So start your day with a glass or two of water. Provide it with at least 2 liters a day. On training days, add 1 liter of more water to your balance. During exercise, supplement it regularly, because the first effect of dehydration is decreased physical performance, headache and problems with concentration. With an unbalanced diet, highly mineralized water supplements the demand for calcium and magnesium.

9. Keep your diet clean

Many people associate the period of building mass with a vacation sincediets involving overeating of sweets and junk food. This belief is also confirmed by popular celebrities in social media. Unfortunately, there is one thing to remember: you are what you eat. I guess no one wants to be a donut, right?

However, back to the topic:sticking to the diet in 90%can be considered a great success and in this case, if 10% comes from inferior quality sources, it should not reflect negative he alth or body shape. However, it is important to stick to these proportions strictly. It is not worth being influenced by the entries of famous celebrities - they often came to the presented form for years, and on their websites they upload photos of this 10% of their diet when they allow themselves to have an unusual meal. On the other side of the screen, however, you can get the wrong impression that they made all their form on unhe althy products.

10. Rest

Golden Rule -train, eat, rest . Each of these elements is crucial for the development of muscle mass. Don't neglect your sleep. Try to limit the amount of stress. Also know that training is a strong stress stimulus for the body. Therefore, you cannot overdo it with the amount and intensity of training. Give your muscles the right stimulus andlet them grow in peace . Relax, visualize the effects that you will see in a few months. Make haste slowly. Get enough sleep every day. All this will translate into the development of muscle mass and proper body proportions.

See the 3-day muscle mass menu:

About the authorMikołaj Choroszyński, nutritionist and gastrocoach Master of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Psycho-dietician, Youtuber. Author of the first book on the Polish market about a diet counteracting neurodegenerative diseases "MIND Diet. A Way for a Long Life". He fulfills himself professionally, running his Bdieta diet clinic, because nutrition has always been his passion. She helps her patients by telling them what to eat to stay he althy and look good.

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