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This is the perfect time to start your spring detox and switch to a he althy, light diet and increase your physical activity. Effective and quick detox will be supported by appropriate physical exercises, without which the spring slimming detox may not be so effective! You are interesting? Check out our training plan and find out why you need to start moving!

Spring slimming detox is a great idea to help the body get rid of toxins, speed up metabolism and lose unnecessary kilograms.

When fresh vegetables and fruits start appearing in stores, it is worth taking advantage of their pro-he alth properties and switching to an easily digestible, mineral-rich diet.

In winter, we often gain weight, have much less exercise and develop vitamin deficiencies - cleansing the body is a must if we care about our he alth and well-being! However, diet is not everything - without exercise and regular exercise, an effective detox will be impossible! Find out why.


  1. Spring detox training - how to help detox your body
  2. Spring detox training - what exercises will speed up your metabolism?
  3. Spring detox training - exercise overview
  4. Spring detox training - training plan

Spring detox training - how to help detox your body

Spring detox is about giving up all kinds of ready-made products, fast-food, giving up s alt, sugar and switching to a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, superfoods and pure mineral water.

The diet for spring slimming detox must not be complete without fresh cocktails and smoothies made of vegetables and seasonal fruits. During the cleansing of the body, we should also not eat white flour products, fried foods and fatty meals. It's best to steam and eat as little processed food as possible. It's also worth limiting gluten.

In addition to eating, a quick and effective detox should also include exercise! Exercise is an indispensable element of a spring detox. They will accelerate circulation, improve the work of internal organs, boost metabolism, accelerate the removal of toxins and increase the absorption of substancesnutrients in the body.

The most effective will be strength exercises, Pilates and yoga. If we rely solely on diet, it may have the opposite effect - during a detox, we consume few calories and do not eat heavy meals, which in turn can put our metabolism to a standstill. To prevent this from happening, regular training is even mandatory!

Spring detox training - what exercises will speed up your metabolism?

There are many exercises you can do to aid your spring detox. In addition to those you will find in our training plan, it is worth focusing on strength exercises. Especially those that use a lot of muscle groups and parts to work.

These should be multi-joint exercises that increase the functionality and mobility of the body. These types of exercises improve circulation and accelerate metabolism, thus increasing the effectiveness of cleansing the body and the effectiveness of spring slimming detox. In addition to the strength aspect, it is also worth focusing on exercises taken from yoga and pilates. They are used in exactly the same way as crossfit or strength exercises, but also have a good effect on the work of hormones and internal organs and significantly improve blood supply and oxygenation of the body.

Exercises you can do to aid your spring detox include:
- strength exercises: classic squat, jump squat, one leg squat, sumo squat, lunges, laps, lunges and jumps , classic plank, side plank, pump, different variants of deadlift and more.
- exercises taken from pilates: bird dog, plank in various variants, raising the legs sideways, backwards, forward in a supported knee, and others.
- exercises taken from yoga: a dog with its head down , cow-cat, triangle positions, swivel positions, candle, handstand, etc.

Spring detox training - exercise overview

The spring detox training consists of 10 exercises performed in a specified number of repetitions or over a period of time in a specified number of series. In order for it to bring the expected results, do it 2 to 3 times a week.

Remember not to do training three days in a row, because the body must have time to regenerate. Take up to 20 seconds of rest between sets, and try not to rest between exercises.

After you finish exercising, lie down on the mat and focus on your breathing. Breathe deeply into your diaphragm and try to relax your body and calm your heart rate.

1. Head Down Dog
Take the plank position. Place your palms parallel to each other shoulder-width apart. Place your fingers fairly wide apart and point your thumbs towardsinside. Try to unscrew the shoulders from the mat and bring your elbows gently outward. This will also help to properly position the shoulder blades. Place your knees about hip-width apart and keep your feet parallel to each other. Then push yourself firmly off the mat with your hips pointing upward. You don't have to touch the mat with your heels right away and straighten your knees as much as possible. You can only lean on your toes. However, be sure to tighten your buttocks to allow your knees to line up outward. Remember to keep your shoulders away from your ears and not hang over your shoulder blades. Keep your belly slightly taut and your pelvis tucked in. Don't mess your head! The head should be an extension of the spine.

2. Jumping torso twistsm
Stand up straight and step sideways to the right. Keep your back straight and your abdominals tight. Reach your left leg to your right leg and straighten up by lifting both arms high up - at the same time take your right leg to your left and immediately shift your weight to the other leg. This movement should be performed smoothly and synchronously. Make the move to the other side. Once you get hold of the exercise technique, add a slight jump to your leg movement when you switch legs. Remember about the dynamics of repetitions, which will be helped by the arms vigorously raised above your head when you jump. This exercise is designed to warm you up and improve your circulation, take it easy!

3. Walking in the plank position
Provide front support on the mat. Push the shoulder blades out by tightening them firmly, straighten the spine and tense your buttocks. Keep your elbows straight, but when you notice that you are hyperextending, imagine that you are playing the piano - then your elbows will move into the correct position. The hands should be above the shoulders. So positioned, start walking first in one direction with a few movements, and then in the other. Take small "steps" with your hands and control the movement. The feet should stay in the same place. Remember to control your core and not swing too much from side to side.

4. Stomping in place
Stand hip-width apart, lean forward slightly, and tighten your stomach. Start stamping the ground vigorously and hard. At the same time, make sure that the movement is soft and that the weight of the feet rests primarily on the toes and the front of the foot. If you feel that your legs are losing strength at the end of the exercise, you can help yourself with your hands. Clench them tightly into fists and move them vigorously or position them bent in front of your chest.

5. Swallow
Stand with your feet close together. Grab a weight (or a bottle of water) in your hands and place it at hip level. Tighten your abdomen, tuck your pelvis, and keep your back straightstart lowering the weight down while pushing your extended leg backwards backwards. Go down until the weight is about the knee of the front leg. Make sure your hips stay in line and your stomach is constantly tense. When you are done with your one-leg series, go straight to the other side.

6. Star
Adopt the correct body posture - tense your buttocks, turn your knees gently outward, lower your ribs and pull your shoulder blades together. Go down gently on one leg and make a star with the other leg. Put your foot on a point in front of you, sideways, backwards and diagonally. This is very important - remember that the knee of the leg you are lowering on does not twist inward. The knee must always be positioned above the ankle and in line with the hip. Make sure your foot rests on three points of support: the outer edge of the foot, the big toe, and the little toe. Take care of this alignment, especially when your leg is wandering in the crossroads. Do not rest your entire foot on the mat, all you need to do is go down and touch the point with your toes, come back up and come down and touch again. Remember that going down is slower than going back.

7. Hip raises on one leg
Lie down on the mat with your legs bent. Gently tuck the pelvis up, but try not to stick the loins to the mat. Raise your leg and rest your calf on the other leg, bend it as if you were to cross-sit. Place your hands on the mat and lift your hips up as you exhale. Try to keep them in line and not swing your hips side to side. Raise your hips only until the buttock is working - do not compensate the movement with the lumbar spine.

8. Bird dog
Assume a propped kneeling position. Pinch your shoulder blades together, tuck your pelvis and tighten your abdomen. Keep your hands under your shoulders, and position your knees no wider than the lap spines. The head should be parallel to the mat. Lift your arm and opposite leg off the mat and slide them out as if you are trying to pull yourself in two directions - front and rear. Then bring both limbs together, exhaling loudly and tightening your abdomen. Perform the exercise alternately. Remember not to raise the limbs too high, until they form one line with the spine.

9. Women's Push-Up
Assume a propped kneeling position and gently straighten your legs - knees and shinbones should touch the mat. Place your hands a little wider than your shoulders, and point your elbows gently towards your sides and downwards. Bring your chest to the ground, making sure your shoulder blades are tight and tight. Do not let go of your abdomen, it should be during this exerciseactive. Try to keep the downward movement slow and controlled, and make the upward movement a bit more dynamic.

10. Raise your arms and legs towards you
Lie on your back, tuck your pelvis, and tighten your stomach. Reach your arms behind your head and bring them closer to your legs. The upper and lower limbs should be raised at the same time and must meet in the middle of the movement. Remember to detach your torso from the mat and not just reach your legs. The knees do not need to be as straight as possible. When you are up, breathe out loud and vigorous - this will help tense your abs and relieve your spine.

Spring detox training - training plan

ExerciseNumber of repetitionsNumber of series
Dog Head Down30 seconds3

Jump torso turns
30 seconds2
Walking sideways plank30 seconds2
Stomping in place30 seconds2
Swallow10 repetitions per page3
star30 seconds per page3
Hips rise on one leg10 repetitions per page3
Bird dog10 repetitions per page3
Women's pump10 repetitions3
Raises arms and legs towards each other10 repetitions3
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