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Quince juice strengthens the body and supports immunity much more effectively than many dietary supplements, but these are not its only advantages: it soothes coughs, speeds up recovery in the case of colds and flu, also helps with digestive problems. The properties of quince juice should be used especially in the colder months of the year. And how to make quince juice?

Quince juicehas a characteristic, tart taste, somewhat similar to lemon, but it is impossible to feel when eating quince fruits - they cannot be eaten unprocessed. The quince itself is an excellent culinary raw material: you can make jams, marmalades, tinctures from it - and just juice, although due to the addition of sugar, it should rather be called "quince syrup".

Quince juice has been a valued addition to tea for years. It can also be drunk diluted with water, or added to some desserts. See why it's worth it.

Quince juice - nutritional and pro-he alth properties

Quince juice is a source of valuable and important nutrients for he alth, such as:

  • vitamin C
  • B vitamins
  • tannins
  • pectins
  • iron
  • calcium
  • potassium
  • copper
  • magnesium
  • phosphor

Thanks to them, quince juice has a number of he alth-promoting properties, and most of them will be appreciated especially in autumn and winter.

Quince juice:

  • supports immunity
  • helps to fight colds, flu, respiratory infections faster
  • relieves dry cough
  • helps to better bear the fatigue associated with the autumn solstice
  • accelerates metabolism
  • helps with indigestion
  • soothes heartburn and other digestive ailments.

Quince juice (quince syrup) - recipe

The basic quince juice recipe is very simple.


  • 1 kg of quince (weighed after removing the seeds and seeds)
  • 1 kg of sugar


  • wash the quince fruit, cut into four parts, remove the seeds and seeds, then dice it
  • put them in a large jar in layers,sprinkle each layer with a layer of sugar until the jar is full
  • Set aside for two or three days, shaking the jar from time to time to mix the sugar with the fruit more thoroughly.
  • after this time, the juice will be ready: you can use it on a regular basis (keeping the jar in the fridge) or pour it into bottles or jars (alone or with fruit) and pasteurize for ten minutes.

Juicer quince juice

You can also make quince juice in a juicer.


  • 1 kg of sugar
  • 2 kg of quince fruit


  • wash the quince fruit, cut into four parts, remove the seed nests and pips
  • put the fruit in the top of the juicer, cover with sugar
  • Fill the lower part of the juicer with water according to the manufacturer's instructions
  • heat the juicer, draining the juice from time to time into the bottles - add water on a regular basis so that the juicer does not burn.

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