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Dukan's diet is still fashionable. Some argue that the Dukan diet won't hurt in the short term. But every organism is different. And the brain, kidneys and liver, which are heavy on Dukan's diet, are too important to risk their he alth just like that. There are five reasons why the Dukan diet is better avoided.

Dukan dietis a variationof the protein diet . It consists of three phases. The first phaseof the Dukandiet, the most restrictive, consists in excluding carbohydrates (also those from vegetables) and fats from the menu. We eat only proteins, which provide few calories, and the body needs a lot of energy to digest them, which it draws from body fat. Hence, on the Dukan diet in the first period, we lose weight quickly and this is the reason for its popularity. However, when we eat protein, we put our body to the test. There are at least five reasons why you should lose weight more slowly on a different diet than with protein that you cannot process.

1. Dukan's diet harms the brain

The brain, our command center, needs a lot of fuel. And it is glucose supplied by carbohydrates. When we deprive ourselves of it on the Dukan diet, we may feel lethargic, lack of concentration, problems with memory and association. We function less intellectually and emotionally. People on the Dukan diet are often irritable, distracted and very weak.

2. The suffering of the liver on the Dukan diet

Converting protein into energy (i.e. extracting glucose from it), which we force the body to do using the Dukan diet, requires many complicated operations. Much more burdensome than when processing carbohydrates. All these processes take place in the liver. The body is constructed in such a way that it first tries to extract energy from food. So the liver, although it works at the limit of its efficiency, consumes huge amounts of energy, tries to do it. And he is like a child in Burma - he works 24 hours a day and earns pennies because the energy produced is too small to provide fuel to the body. Then the brain decides to use the reserves in adipose tissue. We are happy that we are losing weight, and the liver looks more and more like a car driven over. Forced to be so greateffort is easily overloaded and stops working well. Using the Dukan diet (or any other protein diet) can lead to hepatitis!

3. Dukan's diet - kidneys against the wall

Processing a large amount of amino acids from proteins causes the formation of, first of all, undigested residues, besides, compounds harmful to humans, including nitrogen and ammonia. And the kidneys have to remove it all. So they work at top speed. They filter like crazy, leading to dehydration and the loss of calcium. Dehydration leads to urine condensation, which can result in inflammation of the urinary system or even the formation of stones in the urinary system. You can partially compensate for this by drinking a lot of water, but it also provides extra work for the kidneys. There will be substances left in the body that the kidneys cannot remove despite redoubled efforts, e.g. homocysteine, which contributes to the development of atherosclerosis. A protein diet that puts a strain on the kidneys can even lead to kidney failure.

4. Acidification of the body as a result of using the Dukan diet

The acid-base balance is a very important parameter for our body. There are places where an acidic environment is favorable, such as the skin or vagina, but for most of the internal organs and processes that take place there, a neutral or alkaline environment is preferable. And by following a protein diet without vegetables and fruits, we acidify the body ruthlessly. (Note! Excess carbohydrates also have an acidifying effect). Nothing goes wrong in an acidified body! We are exposed to swelling because the body, by accumulating water, tries to reduce the concentration of acids. Excess acid builds up in the joints causing pain. The muscles and the head also hurt, the skin develops blemishes. An acidic environment disrupts many important biochemical processes, which upsets our body. Is it worth risking a revolution that will take time to repair its effects for a few pounds lost?

5. Dukan's diet does not protect against the yo-yo effect

Dietary clinics are full of patients who suffer from the consequences of using the Dukan diet. The yo-yo effect is the mildest of them, although it is known that any unsuccessful weight loss reduces the chances of regaining a he althy weight in the future. Few people have the willpower of fortitude to go through the entire cycle of the Dukan diet and switch to a he althy eating style. After drastic restrictions, the ravenous body pushes us not only to replenish vitamin and mineral deficiencies that arise as a result of using the Dukan diet, but also tries to rebuild our energy resources. And all the effort onnothing.

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