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Prices for paternity tests can be very different, even in one laboratory. What does the cost of a DNA test depend on? Are more expensive genetic tests better? And does the price affect the certainty of the test result?

The price of the paternity testdepends, among others, on on the quality of the reagents, the amount of DNA markers tested and whether the laboratory has implemented ISO standards. All this affects the confidence of the test result. The implementation of the ISO 17025 standard requires continuous quality control of work and the use of reference samples. The standard imposes on laboratories that apply it very strict criteria when it comes to testing procedures and personnel competence. All this guarantees a certain result, and this is the most important thing.

Double paternity test - it's the certainty of a clear result

Laboratories that offer certain paternity tests perform the test twice in certain cases. Most often, when the result excludes paternity or is initially ambiguous. Repeated analysis allows to finally decide whether the examined man is the father of the child or not.

Number of tested markers - 24 markers give a sure result

Laboratories perform extended tests to guarantee their clients a reliable result in every situation, regardless of the number of people tested or the type of samples. There are cases when, after examining the genetic material of the father and child, the result is inconclusive (because one of the participants had, for example, a mutation). The analysis of 24 markers allows to minimize such risk. According to the recommendations of the Polish Society of Forensic Medicine and Criminology, a certain result of the paternity test is a result that confirms paternity at over 99.9999%. On the other hand, the result that excludes paternity is one in which the probability of paternity is 0%. The analysis of 24 markers allows to obtain such results, both in the case of confirmation and exclusion of paternity.

The paternity tests from each sample give a sense of comfort

Because the patient can provide the sample he has for the examination: cheek swab, hair, toothbrush, razor, glass, chewing gum, cigarette butt and many others. All these items are very well suited for analysis, and on the basis of them one can confidently establish paternity. However, researching so many different materials requiresextensive experience, and as you know, experience affects the cost of the test.

Qualifications of employees, professional equipment, reagents - it costs too

In order for the laboratory to meet the exorbitant needs of patients, it must constantly invest in its staff - providing them, for example, with professional courses and training, as well as in equipment - by subjecting them to regular technical inspection. The quality of the reagents used is also important. The use of industry-leading reagents such as Promega ensures the highest quality of analysis. Companies that want to build their rank must also participate in special certification programs. Taking part in them, they are constantly assessed by external institutions. Genetic profiles on the result - give the possibility to verify the result in another laboratory and are proof that the test took place at all. The results issued by laboratories offering cheaper tests usually only provide information about the exclusion or confirmation of paternity. The patient who chooses the more expensive paternity test receives the result enriched with elements increasing the certainty of the test - genetic profiles and the result of advanced statistical analysis. Thanks to this, it can see on the basis of which data the laboratory has issued an opinion. In case of doubt, he can also go to another laboratory and check if he gets the same result.

Private, forensic and pregnancy tests: the price depends on the type of examination

If a patient does a paternity test only to find out if he is the father of a child, he or she can take the test samples at home and send them by post to the laboratory. If, on the other hand, he intends to take the result of the paternity test to court (cases for alimony, inheritance, etc.), then the collection takes place according to strictly defined procedures (taking samples in a medical facility, expert opinion attached to the result, the need for the child's mother to participate). Therefore, carrying out such a test automatically requires a greater amount of work on the part of the laboratory, which in turn determines its price. There are also blood pregnancy paternity tests available on the market. The cost of such a test is about PLN 6,000 and can be done after 10 weeks of pregnancy. This is the only paternity examination available this early. It is also very convenient. The mother only gives a small blood sample for the test, which is collected in the same way as for the normal blood count. The father's sample is a cheek swab. Parents who, apart from establishing paternity, would like to learn something more about the child's he alth, may choose another solution. This is the amniotic fluid paternity test orfragment of the chorion.

Paternity tests - the most important thing is to know what you pay for

When looking for a research offer for yourself, remember to choose one that will not surprise you with any additional costs. It should be clear, and we should know what we are actually paying for. It is definitely worth contacting the laboratory, which immediately gives the final price for the test and informs you what elements are included in its offer.

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